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Our Dark Sides and, on Halloween, Femme Fatale for Free

Download for free this Halloween!

It’s almost Halloween—the one day a year that we all get to expose our shadows and dark sides, all that stuff we hide way deep down inside. We dress as witches and serial killers and vampires. (My apologies to those preparing their angel and fairy godmother costumes.) It’s sad to think we have only one “official” day a year. Imagine the fun we’d have, the understanding and the opportunities to embrace our full elves, if there was, say, a month relegated to exposing what we hide during the other eleven.

At Go Deeper Press, I’d like to think we let the shadow in 24/7. For me, revealing our darkness is what makes erotica transformative and titillating. It’s what makes erotica fun. Actually, Go Deeper Press may be one of the few erotica houses that doesn’t have a list of “No’s” on our submissions guidelines page, such as no underage, no rape, no incest, no animals, no anything that could make someone feel uncomfortable.

We welcome and honor everyone’s views on the “taboo,” of course. There are likely myriad reasons why a reader may not want to read anything from the list above. Then again, there are just as many reasons why a reader would: to explore, to live out a fantasy safely. And who could argue that there should only be specific topics explored in erotic fiction, where fantasies are the feature?

In our short 10 months of existence, Go Deeper Press has published plenty “taboo” content. We were going to push the whole “rebel erotica” tagline, but never followed through, I guess. Oh, let’s push it again! We are rebel erotica. And it’s not like we don’t have any titles to back it up: Zöe More’s “Hunger,” Lana’s Con (Lana’s everything, actually), and plenty of the fantastic short pieces from Shameless Behavior (“Holding” by Laurel Issac comes to mind), Huddle (Theophilia St. Claire’s “Punishment”), and Dirty Little Numbers (trust me—there’s enough here).

And then there’s Femme Fatale, which is likely one of the darkest of our collections, for obvious reasons. Last time I checked, Femme Fatales don’t run around in flower print on their way to church. Femme Fatale features sexy and “shadowy” fiction at its very best, and because Halloween is the day we can let it all out, it’ll be available as a free download all day tomorrow, Thursday, October 31.

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Happy Bloody Halloween From GDP! (Plus, Some Gentle Reminders)

Photo courtesy of horrorbid.com

The idea was to post for all of you some sexy horror pictures to warm you up and get you through the creepy-crawlies of tonight’s festivities. The day has finally arrived! So shake the dust from your old Elvira dress or Riff Raff inspired top hat and enjoy today with all your might. And you know what? There are actually tons of sexy horror pictures available on the Interweb, so this endeavor of mine, I realized early enough, would take…oh…a good part of my day (this one’s a nice, gory place to start, however, courtesy of Cokacola151’s Photobucket page, or , um, “bucket,” maybe). But as minutes passed on to many minutes, and then to pushing an hour, I found this gem from TotallyNerdcore.com. Looks like Nerdcore’s sexy, horror-movie-themed calendars stopped back in 2010 (Why, nerds? Why?), but the good folks at horrorbid.com have forever captured some of the photos for us out of the kindness of their black hearts. Enjoy, won’t you, “Carol Anne” from Poltergeist all grown up, but still striking her famous hands-on-TV pose, albeit in a much more visually enthralling way. Or Psycho’s “Marion” bringing her new, modern-day heat in the shower, but with the same scary knife looming in the shadows.

Lana and I wish you high numbers of tricks and treats tonight. Enjoy the dark side.

Reminders about the Go Deeper Press calls for submission and our contest ending tonight at midnight E.S.T.: Our call for the upcoming Femme Fatale anthology and our Bishop and the Actress Twitter contest are ending tonight. Check out our submissions guidelines, you evil procrastinators, you! Don’t forget to hit “send” to submissions [at] godeeperpress dot com before you turn into a pumpkin.

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Connecting With Your Darkness: A Musical Primer

The time is nearly upon us. It’s the one night, in the U.S., anyway, when most folks show their darker, scarier sides, without any apologies or disclaimers. Halloween, as far as I’m concerned, doesn’t come frequently enough. Why can’t there be four nights for streets to crawl with vampires and witches and Freddy Kruegers. Why can’t there be four nights for little neighborhood bastards to hide behind overgrown bushes in front yards, waiting to make little girls—their one night to be princesses in pink or purple, their one night to wear lipstick and a tiara—run screaming back into the arms of a parent.

Go Deeper Press is a fan of fear and darkness in erotica, in film, in everything. What’s more embracing than tapping in and connecting to what we hold back, what we keep down and hide? In honor of this, and in preparation of the Big Night, we decided to celebrate with a little music video darkness, in all its forms—from flat-out eerie to haunting and terrorized.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Well then, go on and include it in a comment!

Die Antwoord Fok Julle Naaiers

Aphex Twin Come to Daddy

The Knife Silent Shout

Tyler The Creator Yonkers

Fever Ray If I Had a Heart

Chelsea Wolfe Sunstorm

The Cure Lullaby

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Sex with Candy

Halloween is approaching and, as a Brit, I am still getting used to American candy.  Thanks to Angela, I have now sampled an Almond Joy and a U.S. Milky Way (which, it seems, is almost identical to a British Mars Bar.  Who knew?).  So Angela has invested in a huge bag of Halloween candy for the local kids, while I’ve been browsing the internet for sex and candy.  You know.  As one does.  Occasionally.


Here’s what I found:  Cosmopolitan have an online feature suggesting imaginative ways of using candy during sex.  Given their readership, their language is rather heterocentric, but their great tips can easily be adapted no matter who you’re with or how you identify.  (Candy necklaces, yes!).  What’s more, if you’ve never read Steve Almond’s Candyfreak, please go and do so now.  You can find an interview with Steve about the book at 3am Magazine.  Here’s a snippet:

3AM: Your descriptions of eating candy and witnessing it being made border on sexual. Do you see a correlation between candy and sex?

Steve Almond: I certainly try to. After all, both are very primal sensual pleasures. They’re also frequently treated as forbidden pleasures. Part of this is basic: your folks don’t want you getting cavities, or, a little later on, getting pregnant. But a lot of this is really about how frightened we are, as a culture, of pleasure. We always have to make it something dirty and hidden. So one agenda of the book, in that sense, is to allow other freaks out of the closet.

Well said, Steve!

Do any of you have intriguing stories about sex and candy?  Or enticing ways of using candy in the bedroom?  For my part, I’m rather a fan of boxes of chocolates.  Praline kisses and warm, chocolatey fingers?  Dear goddess, please.


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