A Hotter State: An Interview with Laila Blake (Part 2)

Y0Z_2e4m33EA1AikWpFA3-bZSIG04gM4mLkjj_vZJYkYou can read the first part of this interview here.

4. Why do you think erotica can be so important for society?

I think that well-written erotica can help women reclaim their sexuality. It can give them the language and the tools to begin creating the sex life and the self-image that they want to have. And maybe, in the long run, that will affect young people, too – both men and women – and in that way actually help society. But I think that is already happening on so many other channels as well, like Laci Green’s YouTube channel, to name just one.

I am still constantly baffled and saddened by the amount of negativity thrown against anything that contains sex – from blogs being deleted, to search engine blocks and whole porn bans instead of a real, honest discussion on how to work against the exploitative and shocking aspects of the industry, and how to give parents, and young people the tools to process what they see online. So I suppose on days when I feel particularly hopeful, I might think that writing erotica can help there. That’s one reason why I decided against using a pen name for my erotica.

I’m happy if I touch people with my writing – that’s enough for now.

5. Can you let us know of any other books/stories that you have in the works at the moment? Any forthcoming publications? And how can we get hold of them?

My next publication is actually, and fittingly, an erotic novella. It’s called Driftwood Deeds, coming out with the Ladylit Publishing imprint A Hotter State. During the writing process, my friend and I called it “consent-and-communication-in-BDSM PSA erotica,” and that made me giggle a lot. It’s simply the story of a young woman and a man exploring a little bit of BDSM together, with a lot of talk and a lot of sex.

In fact, it’s really a complete rewrite of the first time I wrote anything involving BDSM and erotica when I was about 18. It shaped a lot of my ideas about writing erotica and my own self-image, and it felt fitting to reimagine it as my first stand-alone erotica publication.

It will come out in November and will be available as an ebook at all major retailers.

6. Do you have any advice about writing great sex scenes?

I am still trying to figure out what other people like, or what the majority of people like – I have absolutely no clue. But if you’re asking what I like to read – then a great sex scene needs to have just as much voice and individuality as any other scene – maybe more. I like sex scenes full of personality – both the writer’s and the characters’. I want to care about the people I read about, I want to feel them, their issues and aspirations, their dirty secrets and their vast range of emotions, even if the scenes just covers sex. I love it, for example, when erotica is coupled with some other kind of hobby or aspect of their life – I’ve written erotica about larpers and about a woman obsessed with the planet Mars, about photography and yoga. There’s nothing I find less erotic than reading some fantasy played out by bland, doll-like characters. I actually blogged about this at length.

I also have a special fondness for physical attributes often societally impressed on us as flaws.

Thank you so much for having me. This was a blast!

Author, Laila Blake

Author, Laila Blake

Thank you, Laila, for your fascinating interview!

You can find Laila Blake at www.lailablake.com, where she lists her publications and blogs about writing and society. She also co-hosts the podcast Lilt.

Her social media haunts are pinterest and goodreads, but she also hangs out on twitter and she has a facebook page. For updates on new publications, there is also her newsletter, which she promises will be very sparing and unspammy.

Support sex-positive fiction by buying GDP’s books from Amazon, B&N, and GoDeeperPress.com.

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