A Sexual-Spiritual Mermaid Reading for Today (Monday, June 10th)

The one-card reading for today. (Click the image to buy the deck from Blue Angel Publishing).

The one-card reading for today. (Click the image to buy the deck from Blue Angel Publishing).

This is the first in a series of oracle card readings for our sexual-spiritual blog readers. This reading is for anyone who visits the blog today (June 10th, 2013), and is also for those who will be attending The Mermaid Voyage online. (You can sign up here.) Here is the divination:

Card: Reflections

Deck: Oracle of Mermaids (Lucy Cavendish, Blue Angel Publishing)

Lana’s reading:  

Today is a great time to let ourselves reflect.  Take a moment, today, to enjoy your inner world.  Imagine.  Remember that what lies inside of your self is every bit as important at what is outside.  Value yourself, the gifts within you — your erotic yearnings, your ability to connect, your rich imagination, your fire, your power.  Part of romancing ourselves is learning to love our own dreams, inner figures, and thoughts.

Erotically speaking, it is a wonderful time to focus on Venus within yourself.  Who is your own Goddess of Love?  What does She (or He or Ze) do when others treat her unfairly, beautifully, harmfully, kindly?  And when others need her, yourself included, how does she help and protect whilst still holding onto her boundaries?  Your inner Goddess is more powerful than you can even imagine.  Get in touch with her today, and enjoy her.

Remember that “What you contemplate can actualize.” (Taken from the card itself, in the words of Lucy Cavendish.)

Lucy Cavendish:  The card can mean “contemplation, a time of gathering all the threads of the half-formed thoughts, and following some through to their end, and reaching a better understanding of what it is you are currently looking at.”  Also: “Reflection also means to have greater understanding of yourself — there is no outer contemplation that does not have its echo within.”

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