The Femme Fatale (And Some Hot Submission Guidelines)

Our forthcoming hot anthology

The femme fatale — which translates from the French as the fatal woman — has quite a history as an archetype.  She arose in film noir after the Second World War was through.  But these dark, hardboiled films of murder and secrets were more “alternative” culture at their original time of release.  While directors had thought that women would have been changed by their roles in the war and would long for female characters that smoked and lived on the dark side, it turned out that the opposite was often true.  Viewers tended to want safety rather than risk.

But the femme fatale has become a vital character in film history.  From Jessica Rabbit (oh those curves!) to Lauren Bacall (did you see her faint into Bogart’s arms in the Big Sleep?), femme fatales have unleashed the sexual shadow in ways that early directors might never have dreamed of.  After all, it takes a lot to disturb the dark waters of this archetypal “broad” who never expects perfection because she knows–oh, and how!–that it’s a myth.

And who doesn’t want to screw a woman who embraces their inner darkness?

Hardboiled detectives have often been drawn to femmes fatales because these women see their brokenness and are capable of accepting it…at least, up to a point.  And why do such femmes have such dark blood running through their veins?  Well, if they expect the dark side, they’ll rarely be disappointed.  Femmes are often at their most sexy, in fact, when their cool facade has been disturbed and we see the vulnerability behind the mask.  And the cooler the mask, the deeper the trauma.  That’s how it seems to go with these characters.

Anyhoo, if you’re a writer, we’re currently on the lookout for erotic short stories about femme fatales.  If you’re interested take a look at our submission guidelines at the Go Deeper Press website.  And how do we want to feel once we’ve read these erotic stories?  Well, in the Big Sleep, after Bogart’s hardboiled detective kisses Lauren Bacall’s femme fatale, Bacall says, “I liked that. I’d like more.”

We couldn’t have put it better.

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