Sex Jokes: The Cream of Crop

Photo: Benny Mazur via Wikimedia Commons

My favourite joke is so terrible that I decided to start this post with a better one.  That’s why I googled.  For a better one, I mean.  And you know what I found?  True pain, my friends.

So here’s my own groaner:

Why do squirrels swim on their backs?  

To keep their nuts dry.

Okay, I give you permission to virtually slap me.  The safe word is “Aargh!”

But seriously, the sex joke plays an important purpose in our society.  It allows us to express sexual energy, which must often be repressed — and such repression can take up so much unconscious power that it can cause health problems, latent stress, tiredness, etc., etc.  What’s more, dirty jokes can serve to keep us away from prudery.  And seeing as we at GDP are selling products that’ll be anything but prudish, we’re invested in the sex joke, groanworthy or not.

In other words, the Squirrel gets it.

Now, Angela and I have been enjoying the cream of our Bishop/Actress contests, one of which asks you to craft a joke or witticism. Some might say that this jokey “tweeting” involves little creativity, but we heartily disagree.  Wit, which many associate with “lower class” humor, is a poorly valued art form, and what a shame that is.  As Feste, the fool in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, reminds us, “Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.”  And as the homophobic slaughter of queer teens continues (thank you, California, for banning conversion “therapy”), not to mention the slurs and violence against queer and sex-positive communities, surely we need the humble sex joke more than ever.  Because laughter, like good sex, helps us to connect.

So swim, little Squirrel.  Swim!

Some of you have been asking whether you can email your entries for our Bishop/Actress Twitter contest. No problem, as long as you follow the guidelines and include the tag in your 140 characters!  Please use our submissions [at] email address.

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One thought on “Sex Jokes: The Cream of Crop

  1. Jake Jacobik says:

    There was a similar all-purpose tag line to a phrase out of context that was often used in Canada many years ago in the television production industry. For example, one person referring to a piece of production equipment, says, “Oh, that’s a big one!” Person two replies, “That’s what she said at the CBC picnic.” Or, if delivered all by the same person it might be, “That feels good, or at least, that’s what she said at the CBC picnic.” Enjoy the fun of it all.

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