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BDSM Gets Spanked and Ogled

There was a time when few could see the beauty in BDSM, but that seems like an age away now.  Personally, when the body is bound, I think it is at its most beautiful.  Tying wrists together can accentuate their size, not to mention the slope of the arms, and if you’ve never seen Japanese rope bondage raising a pair of breasts towards the eye (and mouth!), you’ve been missing a treat.  What’s more, post-spanking, a pair of buttocks can sport a delightful blush, and I have a particular yen for running the tip of a riding crop across my lover’s skin.  Yes, BDSM can be aesthetically gorgeous, and now that the BDSM-trilogy-that-shall-not-be-named has hit the big time, we’re seeing kink-inspired glamour all over the place.   Just look at the “choking” on the cover of Paris Vogue that caused such controversy a couple of months ago.  BDSM gets spanked, indeed — which seems strange, especially since (I assume) Stephanie Seymour gave her consent and looks far from unexcited!

But my oh my, if you want to experience the grace of BDSM, not to mention the finesse of female bodies, take a look at (fairly NSFW) Gunter Blum’s website.  For one thing, that man can make ass cheeks look swankier than pearls, and what he does for vulvas is sublime.  Black and white BDSM has never looked more colorful.  And don’t you just ache to touch Blum’s models?

I know I do.  *swoon*

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