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Hardboiled Kisses

I love a bit of film noir.  In fact, I’d say that the film noir aesthetic has influenced my writing in many ways.  Anyhoo, not so long ago, thanks to Angela, I watched Hitchcock’s The Birds for the first time ever.  What a fabulous movie!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  But the kiss (there’s often a kiss in film noir, right?) just wasn’t steamy.  I’m all about the sudden, lingering, desperate kisses, or the grasp of the body and the moment of pause before mouth swoops to mouth.  So, to make up for the lack of smooching in The Birds, here’s Ingrid Bergman with Cary Grant, doing their steamy thing in Notorious, oh yes…

Also, thanks to super-talented author, Christa Faust, I watched this vid today.  It’s by Serena Bramble, posted by Ruby Tuesday, and entitled A Valentine to Film Noir.  We at GDP love it!

And if you’re looking for more steamy kisses — accompanied, I might add, by some sensational sex — keep your eye out for Zoe More’s Hunger, coming soon from GDP.

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Sex That Loves the Mouth

I love kissing in erotica and porn, though it has to be said, it can be hard to find, especially in the porn world.  Why, though? Isn’t kissing a great way to turn on a reader or viewer?  Well, at Go Deeper, we’re all about the superhot smooch.  When our characters kiss in an open-mouthed way, they sink together, and the wetness they share is a measure of their desire, not to mention a promise of the sex to come.

In fact, if you want to see a hot, hot kiss, take a look at this famous scene from Cruel Intentions, below.  That single thread of saliva says it all:

Now, erotic author Zoe More, whose hot-as-heck story, Possession, will be published this December by Go Deeper, really appreciates the erotic kiss.  In More’s piece, Sully, the main character is fixated on mouths, and longs to make out with the guy she loves—but in this paranormal story, it’s dangerous for Sully to kiss anyone.  So what do we get?  Beautiful thirst, high stakes, and passion aplenty.  Here is a moment from the beginning of their first kiss—a kiss that will soon bring sex to die for:

It felt strange, this devouring, this need, from the woman who had been careful not to touch him for most of their acquaintance, and now, after a few amazing but befuddling blow jobs on the couch, was kissing him, claiming him, in a way he’d never been claimed before.

That’s our Zoe.  She communicates desire so poetically, through sentencing, cadence and feeling.  What a rush!  You’re going to love this story, folks.

Now, does anyone have Sarah Michelle Gellar’s phone number, please?

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