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Why I’m All About Sex With Glass

Shoes from HotStripperShoes.com

As I was shopping for sex toys at AdamEve.com I found myself wondering why glass is so sexy.  Is it because it’s transparent?  I mean, you can see what’s behind it, but you can’t touch, which makes for the ultimate tease.  Or maybe glass draws us because of its associations with ice, which melts when warmed, creating a wet, thirst-quenching coolness.  (If you’ve ever played with ice in the bedroom, you’ll know this all too well).  And imagine if a stripper’s clear heels melted when placed in the hand or on the skin.  Surely that would give any dom a massive surge of power!  But until this dom is touching one of those icy stilettos, they must just salivate and watch… 

Of course, ice is really water that’s begging to melt, and “melt” is so often used to denote sexual pleasure that it has become cliché: “I melt when she’s near…”  But even without the associations of ice, glass can be heavy, and heavy can be hot. Those who have experienced a luxurious glass dildo will know what I mean.  When this glass cock sinks into you or your lover, the weight brings a whole new pleasure – the glass is cool but hard, and impossible to permeate – no stretching or curving.  Just pure, hard pleasure.


Anyhoo, for examples of all sorts of glass toys, including stunning dildos and balls, take a look at AdamEve.com for yourself.

Oh, and by the way, putting your glass dildo in the fridge beforehand can make partnered or solo sex twice as exciting.  (Check it’s the right temperature for you/your lover beforehand though!  No, really. 😉

We lovingly invite femme fatale submissions in which the femme fatale is an ice-queen.  Why not?  This post was lovingly borrowed from Lana’s blog “What the Fox?” at lanafox.com

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