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Hey everyone! We won’t be posting here anymore since we’ve moved our blog to our website. You can catch up with all the blogging fun at See you there!

Our Erotic Collection, Shameless Behavior, is FREE This Weekend on Kindle!

Download me, shamelessly!

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You can download your ebook here on Saturday March 2nd and Sunday March 3rd. Enjoy!

Free Erotic Stories – Shoes, Twins, and Threeways

Pic from

Pic from

We believe in erotica for all at GDP. That’s why we’re thrilled to share a few free erotic freebies with you! Catch Peep Toe — a full erotic shoe-fetish story — at the fabulous Get in with those con artist twins in our free reads section. And while you’re at it, take a peek at Annabeth Leong’s Too Much to Give, Jacob Louder’s Third Party Extension, and Tamsin Flowerserotic advent calendar, no less, not to mention an erotic excerpt by Erzabet Bishop today.

Speaking of Erotica for All, go and check out Lucy Felthouse’s brilliant site.

And have a hot day!

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Happy Almost Birthday, GDP! (Plus, Free Porn With a Connection Twist)

shutterstock_94888144Lana and I did some brainstorming about what we’d do to celebrate Go Deeper Press’ first birthday. Can you believe it? We’ll be one-year-old on December 20, five days before Christmas, fifteen days after Chanukah, and six days before Kwanzaa. So, of course we wanted to celebrate with you all.

We decided that we’d give away well-written “free porn” to give thanks to all our mailing list subscribers, Twitter and blog followers, our Facebook “Likers,” and every single person who’s bought one of our books and/or stopped by our website for a few minutes or so. It was interesting, this distinction we made. We would not give away “transformative” or “rebel” erotica. We’d write and offer for free on our website Penthouse Forum-style pieces: quick, short wank stories for all our friends over this holiday season.

So, we started. Lana’s first story came in over 2,500 words, mine 1,500-ish. Her second story came in around 2,000, mine over 3,000. For some reason, we couldn’t seem to get the formula right. Don’t get me wrong: These stories are porny, and we’re very proud of just how porny they are and hope you’ll enjoy them tremendously (wink, wink). It took us a little while to figure out why we couldn’t crank out what we had intended. But then—boom—there it was.

We’re fans of connections. Even if they’re shallow or selfish or voyeuristic or whatever. To write true, connected porn, we’ve found, you need to build at least a little story, breathe some sort of emotion into your characters, and then let them run around with their pants around their ankles. Lana, by the way, was the first to put this to words. “This works because they’re connected,” she said. I replied, “That’s what makes porn sexy for me.”

How many clips have you seen on the internet where some guy is pounding a big-breasted blonde, and not only are they not looking at one another, they’re hardly touching, other than, of course, that whole cock in cunt or asshole bit. And they don’t really communicate to one another, but the blonde is probably wailing away like she’s never felt anything so good in her life, and if Mr. Big Cock is making any noise at all, he’s probably letting out a little grunt every now and again.

This porn’s good, right? I don’t want to take away from its value and the purpose it serves for many people in this world. Would I pay for it? No, I wouldn’t, and maybe that’s why it’s a free clip on the internet. I wouldn’t buy it because those actors usually aren’t connected and so it sometimes looks really fake, and although I love it when guys blow their loads on women’s tits, I don’t like it when they’re looking only at their cocks and the women are on their knees looking up at the guy all “horny, little slut” because I don’t believe it for a second. That said, I hope they both got paid and were treated well.

Porn I would buy and have bought: Viv ThomasUnfaithful series (which stars my girl Nella, just FYI), Matinee and Headshot by Jennifer Lyon Bell and Blue Artichoke, Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex, a whole slew from the Candida Royalle crew—and there’s more and more. Big surprise: I would argue that, in all of these films, we are witness to actors living out a story and connecting sexually with their co-stars. Whether it’s slaps to the tits or eye contact during penetrative sex or a prolonged French kiss, these films offer something that holds my attention, making them perfect “rewatch” candidates, especially on snowy Friday nights, or any night, to be honest, but I digress.

Go Deeper Press loves porn. Oh God, we do. Lana and I are talking now about doing a more “porny” line at GDP, and we’re kicking around names like PornStyle and Porncore (or PornoCore, which reminds me of “homocore,” and so now you know where my allegiance lies) and Rumpy Pumpy. The great thing about this, I think, is that—and I can guarantee you this—we will publish incredibly explicit content that not only is the hottest of its kind, but will provide the element that makes pornography work for us: a steamy, sweaty, hot connection.

What I hope you’re asking now is “WHEN DO WE GET FREE PORN?” Well, our birthday and Christmas is coming, friends, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter (if you haven’t already) and check your inbox for more information on when to stop on by at

Thanks for reading! Guzzle up our sexy reads at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Go Deeper Press (for all e-readers), and we’ll love you forever.

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Sneak Preview from Shameless Behavior: Daniel Burnell’s “Tamar”

Coming this September!

Coming this September!

The following reading material is for adults only. 

Our first sneak preview of the erotica in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame, comes from Daniel Burnell’s “Tamar.”  In this tale, two soldiers meet in the desert, soon after the hostilities of war. The woman, Tamar, is a more recent recruit.  She is also a virgin. The man, Gabe, is a more experienced soldier.  In the story, Tamar is shy about the size of her body.  And here is a glimpse of how this sexual experience helps her to transform:

Gabe slides down to his knees and, with his fingers spread on her full ass, pushes his face between her legs and bites the uniform pants covering her cunt, the first time in her life anyone has ever touched her like that down there. Of course, she had heard of it, but never imagined it would happen like it is. Quaking with pleasure and cold, Tamar holds his head hard against her, and her mind seems to open with the freedom of escape from an oppressive regime, her own self-imposed prohibitions against her sensuality, boldness, and size. She had been unfairly tried and convicted, and her privacy had turned in on itself as she held back. Now, here is a man who loves her plump, juicy body and wants to put his face in her cunt, and she wants him to and everything else he can dream up. Surely she will have an orgasm if he keeps gnawing her down there. But he stops and unlaces her boots, removes them, and slides her pants and underwear off… — From Tamar by Daniel Burnell

To make sure you don’t miss out on the full story, as well as the other 11 tales in the e-book, join our mailing list where you’ll receive special deals and giveaways, including a sexy mini-ebook by Lana Fox.

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Office Sex at GDP

Yes, here in the Go Deeper Press office, Angela and I are working hard on our new releases and feeling kinda hot.  Of course, we are wearing incredibly sexy gear (when don’t we?) while working overtime on sizzlingly erotic manuscripts, but the “heat” we’re feeling is also to do with this video by luxury lingerie company Agent Provocateur — a vid in which office work takes a sexy turn. Have a look, my lovelies…


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A Firebomb Between Your Sheets

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall - what sweet noir!

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall – what sweet noir!

This morning, in the Go Deeper office, I, Lana Fox, am reading through our final proofs of Femme Fatale.

And oh. My. God.

I’m so excited by this collection.  These stories are addictive, sexy and sizzling, and what’s more, they break through the stereotype of the femme fatale for me.  In here, we have innocents with an air of danger that you wouldn’t even imagine.  We have thieves with soft hearts and serial killers with the deepest sexual longing.  Of course, I can’t pick a favorite story, but I just reached the end of Maricia Verma’s “Elisabetta,” so I’ll share just the very beginning with you.

I want to fuck a girl named Elisabetta. Don’t you?

That’s an Italian name. An Italian girl. Even her name sounds like sex.

El is what you say when you enter her.

Isa is the movement.

Bayta is her nipple in your mouth. Say it slowly. You can feel it on the tip of your tongue, when it touches the roof of your mouth.

Bay-ta. Yeah, like that.

From Femme Fatale, available this December from Go Deeper Press.  And that’s just the beginning, buster.  Anyhoo, there I will cruelly leave you, with that steely gun still hot in your hands.  Has an editor ever been such a tease?  Oh baby, this is just the beginning….

*blows nonchalant jet of cigarette smoke over shoulder*

Femme Fatale, coming soon from GDP!

Femme Fatale, coming soon from GDP!

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Oh, Those Long Silk Gloves!

I’m a big fan of long silk gloves.  I’m also a fan of long PVC gloves, which might just be what the model is wearing below.  But whatever the material they’re made of, there’s something rather ‘femme fatale’ about long, sexy gloves, methinks.  Anyhoo, the book cover below is quite a beauty, in my opinion, and seeing as we at Go Deeper are determined to provide you all with sexy, enticing cover art, why not give Maxim Jakobowski’s Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotica a good old shout-out.  Bravo!

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So Sexy, So Scary: GDP Interviews Zoe More (Part 3)

GDP Author, Zoe More

Here, Angela and Zoe More complete their interview on erotica, sexuality, horror and the dark side.  (If you’re coming in late, no worries!  You can also read Part 1 and Part 2 of this fabulous interview.)  Zoe More’s fiction will be published by GDP this coming December, and includes her GDP Short, Hunger, and Our Courtship, Our Romance — a short story in Femme Fatale.

Angela:  Before you sit down to write sexy darkness, where do you go for inspiration, assuming, of course, that you look to other places than simply inside yourself? Have there been movies or websites or exhibitions–a specific band or other music artist, maybe? I’m going to tell you and only you something right now that could damage my cred for life: I’m sort of a fan of that Stone Temple Pilots song, “Sex Type Thing.” You know, the one that implies a woman will or could or should get raped, because of her “dress” and all.

Coming soon from Go Deeper Press!

Zoe:  I’m a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails. If I had to choose one song, I’d go with the not obvious and say’The Perfect Drug’ because it’s hot and dark and challenging (and the one NIN song I can’t play for shit when I drum along with Rock Band). I also love to write to Sigur Ros (which is good writing music, though not dark or atmospheric in the same way).  I’ve been listening to Ben Frost’s ‘By the Throat’ lately, too.

Angela:  This is where you say something that no one will ever forget, ever.

Zoe:  Make your monsters so real, so sexy, so scary that you can’t decide if you want to fuck them or fight them.

To keep up with the latest news about new releases from Go Deeper Press, you can sign up for our free newsletter here.  Newsletter subscribers also receive special deals, offers and postings!

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Hands Up!

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday, US folks!   I’m not pro-guns, but I’m definitely pro-guns in fictional stories and pics.  This is taken from  Enjoy!

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