Contest: How Long Will It Take ‘Em to Ban Con?

GDP005-Con_Cover_72Con, Book 1: You Can Play It Safe When You’re Dead, is now available directly from the big A, for your Kindle. (I’m not using the booksellers name, in case I tip them off — read on.) I’m keen to see whether they ban it or not. There isn’t one ounce of “obscene” material in there as far as I’m concerned, but as you know, the famed big bookseller acts rather like Hitler, saying that they’ll decide what “obscene” means, and then they’ll throw it out. They sell Lolita and A Clockwork Orange — both books that I love. They also sell Mein Kampf, so presumably they don’t think that’s obscene either. (35 reviewers give Hitler’s disgustingly racist work almost 4 stars overall.)

In Con, Book 1: You Can Play It Safe When You’re Dead, there are grifter twins, a dastardly mark, and sex at gunpoint.  Join the dots, baby.

So!  The contest:  Will they ban Con, or will they not? And if they do ban it, how many days will it take? Two days from today? Or a month? Or two months? In order to make this fun rather than frustrating, the first person who manages to correctly guess how long Con will stay live on the big bookseller’s website will receive any three of our e-books entirely without charge. You can comment below.

I’m going to guess it will take them 7 days. What do you think?

Please support indie erotica and freedom of expression by buying Con, either on our website or at Amazon. We heart your support!

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13 thoughts on “Contest: How Long Will It Take ‘Em to Ban Con?

  1. Lana Fox says:

    I guess they’ll ban it in 7 days — with today (Thursday November 7th) being day 1!

  2. angela says:

    You know, I’m thinking that, from the viewpoint of the Big A, the only thing that’s saving Con is no underage sex. That said, I believe it will *completely overlook* the other banned topics included in Book 1, simply because it’s so friggin’ awesome and well-written. So I say, no date–Con will live long on the monster site.

    It’s either this or, like, 38 days.

  3. I’ll play! I’ll guess 2 weeks, figuring it’ll take them a while to have their next panic. It seems like they ban en masse unless you’re already on a list.

  4. JillianBoyd says:

    I’ll go for… eh… let’s say a week and a half.

  5. Laila says:

    I’ll give it a pass – I think it’ll stay on, just because it’s not self-published, no flag words in the title and no pornography on the cover. Buuut, if I lose, I’ll offer to pen a letter (type an email, damn you flowery language) of protest. 😉

  6. Hmmm… Well, having finally finished Con last weekend (I enjoyed it, Lana!), I would say MAYBE if they actually read it, and their hackles were up, they’d ban it further down the line. Let’s say 60 days.

    But since they don’t read anything, the title and cover are safe, and it’s a delicious read that didn’t strike me as that inappropriate, I don’t know that they actually will. *Crossing fingers for you!*

  7. Lana Fox says:

    Jade, you are a star! Thank you for your lovely words about Con–and also for choosing to read it. What’s more, I appreciate such a thoughtful and well-informed 60-day prediction! My fingers are definitely crossed! Also, I’m about to invest in The Big Book of Orgasm ed. Rachel Kramer Bussel and am looking forward to reading your story in there. Will let you know when I get to you. 🙂 ❤

  8. Yay! Thanks for your kind words, too, Lana! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts—good or bad. 🙂 And I’m still crossing those fingers for Con!

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