On Getting Fox for Free (or Oh, You Lucky Bastards)

Coming as a FREE download on Monday July 15th!

Coming as a FREE download on Monday July 15th!

I don’t know how long ago it was when Lana ran through the story line for Con with me, but I remember soaking it in and thinking, “Wait—we’re giving this away? For free?” Then Lana wrote and wrote. She would read me parts of it over dinner or before bed, and I watched her build this world of con artists (“decadent” and “debauched” is how Violet Blue refers to Lana’s writing, and, you know what? Yes! In the case of Con, these words form the sweetest, richest icing on what is truly a very sordid and wild cake, one you’ve likely never ever tasted before). This story is about twin women, Stelle and Dahlia, who know more tricks than a master magician and always come out on top. Except for now, except for the time in their lives where Book One picks up, with one twin wanting more in life and the other trying to figure out how to grieve the life she’s lost while keeping her eye on the prize (that’s getting the mark’s money, of course, and not losing her alpha position). Somewhere, everything seems to have changed for them both. What is, if I’m not mistaken, commonly referred to as “the strongest bond”—that is, the kind between twins—gets a little twist, or a forceful tweak, and suddenly, Stelle and Dahlia are thinking of other ways they want to be close.

I realize this may not be everyone’s ideal: two women, identical twins, who really want to get it on in this really dark and beautiful way. (Funny how Blue might use the word “debauched,” but I use “beautiful.”) This book series will very much push the erotica genre to its limits. It may have been hard for Lana to get this series published with another house. Lana and I like the term “rebel erotica,” actually! It’s so easy to drop the words “taboo” or “illicit” to describe Con’s story line. But like my 7th grade English teacher taught me about using the word “nice,” those words are just fuzzy adjectives, and can mean nothing or totally different things to different people.

We just finished our first Mermaid Voyage. The Voyage is Lana’s baby. She crafted this two-week course with so much love and passion, all I could do was get out of the way and watch. This is part of her life mission, believe me. But my point is this: on “Day 9: The Island of Light and Shadow,” Lana writes this about erotic “darkness”: “I believe there can be light in darkness, especially when that darkness is owned and expressed for the sake of love.”

There is so much light and love found in the darkness that is Con. The light and love comes from deep inside Lana, from her heart, from her imagination. I think this is how she manages to take a situation that could make people squirm in their seats, and breathes so much heat and warmth into it, you can’t help but relax and enjoy.

There’s nothing Go Deeper Press wants more than for you to do exactly that.

Con, Book One: You Can Play It Safe When You’re Dead, will be available for free download only at godeeperpress.com starting tomorrow, Monday, July 15.

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2 thoughts on “On Getting Fox for Free (or Oh, You Lucky Bastards)

  1. Rose Caraway says:

    “…rebel erotica” I like the sound of that 🙂

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