Help Go Deeper Press Select Our Team T-Shirt

Hi ho! Angela here, and I’ve got to say, I love hearing your opinion. So, I’m looking once again for your shrewd eye, your sound advice, and, of course, your high sense of fashion. Have a look below, and then add a comment that’ll let me and Lana know which shirt design you prefer. You know, the one you’d likely wear to Christmas mass or to your ex-wife’s wedding.

One more thing: I need to thank this handsome gentleman from for the unauthorized use of his pretty face.

Now, on you go!

Shirt No. 1: Indie Is Our Game


This is our introduction-to-the-world shirt: who we are and what we do, what our passion is. We’re thinking it could be your passion, too, and of course you want to share your passions with your community. But, you know, we need to confirm this. 

Shirt No. 2: A Tribute to the Forefolks of Our Genre


These folks are the ground breakers–the innovators!–for what would become modern-day erotica: Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Pauline Reage, and Vladimir Nabokov. Thanks to the kind people at, from whom we stole this idea (their original was “Tribute to the Greats”). So, what do you think: Did we hit the nail on the head here or what?

As always, thanks so much, GDP family.

Thanks for supporting Go Deeper Press. If you’d like to browse our erotic, sex-positive e-books for brain and brawn, you can find our website here.



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10 thoughts on “Help Go Deeper Press Select Our Team T-Shirt

  1. I think you should do a tee with your fab cherry logo on it…

  2. I agree with Tamsin about the cherry. I also like shirt 2 (though I hope it says Go Deeper on the back). I would wear a shirt with those names on it a lot of places where I would not wear a shirt with the word “erotics” on it.

  3. V.C. says:

    I agree with the cherry, I love that logo, it’s a unique one and speaks volumes without any words to express its awesomeness 🙂

  4. Hello GDPers,

    I sort of like tee shirt number 1 because i like that is includes Go Deeper’s name, and also the “indie” reference is a nice touch. I also think with the second one, it is less clear to the casual observer what the reference is. I do *also* think a tee shirt with the cherry logo is a fabulous idea as well.


  5. MischaMarch says:

    I’m with Annabeth, I’d wear shirt 2, even to work at the library (but it’d have to be without deeper or erotics on it).

    • angela says:

      Thank you, Micha!

      Am I crazy, or are we dangerously close to printing up the forefolks t-shirt? This makes me so damn happy.

      P.S. Working on a cherry design after hearing all your requests. XXX

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