I’m an Erotic Mermaid (And I’m Not Alone)

From the amazing "Oracle of Mermaids" by Lucy Cavendish (click on image to buy)

From the amazing “Oracle of Mermaids” by Lucy Cavendish (click on image to buy)

I’m an erotic mermaid.  No, really.  You can go and check out Carolyn Turgeon’s wonderful “I am a Mermaid” blog to find out how and why.  Carolyn, who is the author of the novel Mermaid and the forthcoming The Fairest of Them All, has interviewed me about mermaids and the erotic….and of course the Mermaid Voyage.  And she’s awesome.  Go look, go look!  We’ll also be hosting an interview at the GDP blog with Carolyn soon, so keep an eye out for that, dear readers.

Now.  There is more news.  For example, the Mermaid Voyage: A Two-Week Journey of Erotic Self-Discovery is available for a special discounted rate of $30 for a two-week course. It sets sail on July 1st.  So if you feel like romancing yourself erotically, with audio visulizations and solo lovemaking galore, come join us or shoot me an email with questions.

Also, if you want to write with me, whilst guzzling chocolate and having an inspirational erotic evening, come along to my erotic writing course next week in Boston.  Go Deeper, Baby: Writing Meaningful Erotica is always a delight of an evening.  AND you get a FREE erotic e-book too.  What’s not to adore?

Did you know that you can now buy our bestselling “Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women” for just $3.99?

Thanks for supporting Go Deeper Press. If you’d like to browse our erotic, sex-positive e-books for brain and brawn, you can find our website here.



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