Go Deeper, Won’t You? Write With Lana Fox

lana headshot3To be honest, I figured it couldn’t hurt: Lana Fox (the Lana fox!) was teaching a class on erotica at Boston’s Grub Street, called “Go Deeper, Baby: Writing Meaningful Erotica.” I already knew I could write sex, but could I write sex erotically? More importantly, since I was soon to be the co-founder and editor of an erotic press, shouldn’t I know all the tricks of the trade?

Enter three hours with Lana and a room full of people who started off a little shy and awkward, but were literally buzzing with anticipation to, if you will, just get it out. Lana does an amazing job at several things: making the space, her classroom, safe for everyone and everything; getting people to open up and shed any shame about writing or talking descriptively about sex; telling the story of the erotica genre and its journey, starting with Anais Nin and Henry Miller, and moving on to more modern brilliant minds, like Shanna Germain and Steve Almond; and breaking down, step by step, exactly how to get hot, connected sex on your page.

What I remember most that night, other than the readings of amazing short erotic scenes that my classmates had written, was the end–the final few minutes–when, thanks to Lana (and ourselves), no one was uncomfortable, and no one held anything back for fear of being called out, and no one had any qualms about saying, “Nice to have met you, good luck with your writing, I hope I get to read it one day.” It’s astounding, I think, how people who are brave and brazen enough to bare all are without a doubt the kindest folks you can study with and learn from.

Lana Fox is teaching “Go Deeper, Baby: Writing Meaningful Erotica” at Grub Street on Thursday, May 30, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Grub Street. Click here for signup information.

Thanks for supporting Go Deeper Press. If you’d like to browse our erotic, sex-positive e-books for brain and brawn, you can find our website here.



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