Go Deeper Press’ Links of the Week


Christina Amphlett courtesy of dangerousminds.net

Another sizzling review of Those Girls, courtesy of rebelnotes.com

Let it…! Shine Louise Houston on Shine Louise Houston, BEHIND THE PORN: “Shiny Jewels,” Feminist Porn Awards 2013

So what do you do, Angela, when your high school crush shuffles off this mortal coil? Divinyls Singer Christina Amphlett Dies at Age 53

And let’s not forget that Ms. Amphlett is one of the originators of the “kinderwhore” phenomenon, thus leading to a fetish for one GDP editor that still exists today, and always.

Theater can do no wrong! ‘Showgirls! The Musical!’: Stage Parody Of 1995 Flop Movie Hits New York’s Kraine Theater

Mmm…arty Stoya. STOYA BY SEAN & SENG

Good stuff from friend of GDP, I.J. Miller: An Erotic History

Since we love artichokes, and since we love porn, we’re getting ready and suggest you do, too: Blue Artichoke’s Silver Shoes

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