Boston, You’re Our Home

Boston_downtown_skylineLana and I woke to radio reports of the first bombing suspect having been shot and killed. The morning only got worse: Our city is on lockdown while authorities search for the second suspect. Everyone who lives in the greater Boston area has been told not to leave their houses. Businesses are closed. There is no public transport or taxi service today. It must be the eeriest thing to witness: the Boston Common, Downtown Crossing, and Kenmore Square with hardly a soul to see.

It felt sore as hell to open our eyes to continued violence in the media, to see our friends’ reports on Facebook and Twitter on what they’re witnessing from their homes in the city. It’s been a long while since Boston has been wrapped by such atrocity and fear. That said, as a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, I know we’ll rise from it.

Here’s part of a transcript from an audio clip from Lana’s amazing Mermaid Voyage course, which will be available from Go Deeper Press before you know it and is particularly relevant:

“Remind yourself that it doesn’t matter what you believe in. You might believe in God, or maybe Nature, or maybe Divine Love, or maybe Angels, or Gods and Godesses. You might believe in the spirit world, or the power of animal spirits. Perhaps you simply believe in good. But whatever you believe in, it has the power to dissolve fears and shame.”

These words lifted me so high from this week’s continued tragedies. It’s a perfect reminder to stay centered and connected to what you believe in, especially during times like these.

Peace and love to all.

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Boston skyline photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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