Margaret Thatcher: The Ultimate Domme

Margaret Thatcher, in her pearls. Photo credit below post.

Margaret Thatcher, in her pearls. Photo credit below post.

First of all, erotic author Harper Bliss asked me some exciting questions this week.  To view the interview, which includes who I’d like to screw, why I dig Spike, and how I feel about coming out, visit her fabulous blog.  This is the first of Harper’s interviews with authors whose books she rates highly.  In fact, I’m honored that Harper says:

“I totally recommend every book featured on here.  Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee is a great start because it’s light, funny, utterly delicious and extremely well-written (and very, very hot!) You can get it for $1.99 (!) on Amazon US and UK and, frankly, it was the best $1.99 I spent in a very long time.”

Dear Harper, thank you.  Please know that *Lana Fox glows with pride.*

Also, on a very different note, you might be aware that Britain’s first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, died this week.  (Read about it at Salon.)  She was a domme, in her way.  And seeing as I’m a Brit who loves a bit of BDSM and now lives in Boston, US, how could I not comment?  As it happens, when I was a kid, I spent many unhappy evenings in pitch darkness because of Thatcher.  Why?  Because everyone who wasn’t dripping in diamonds was being treated so badly that they were on strike.  What’s more, Thatcher pretty much ignored them.

That said, I do often think of Margaret Thatcher as a tragic Shakespearian BDSM anti-hero, strutting around in her pearls and insisting that she could darn well run the nation as a woman, thank you very much.  And that was very important for us, as Brits.  To watch a woman in a world of men running the country as she saw fit.

Actually, in the film starring Meryl Streep (boy, that woman can act!), there is a wonderful moment where Thatcher, before she is voted in, is told by her advisors that she shouldn’t wear pearls.  They’re too femme, too delicate, her advisors say.  But Thatcher tells them, point blank, that pearls are exactly the tone that the Conservative Party wishes to strike.

So she wore those pearls and she ruled in those pearls.

And I sat in candlelight and drew bad pictures in crayon.

Photo credit: By White House Photographic Office [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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