“I Want To Call You Daddy”

Now, as you can guess from the title of my erotic novel, Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee (also available on NOOK), I’m more than a little interested in kink.  In Kinky Divorcee, it all starts with shoes, but there are also some kinky dynamics at play.  For instance, Debs believes she can’t have a much younger lover partly because of the age taboo.  Our society can say, time and again, that love has nothing to do with age, but at heart they often don’t mean it.  Well, Debs has to let go of the age myth, as well as the notion that consenting sex can’t occur even though you’re adults if you’re old enough to be someone’s parent.

Also, we can shout “it’s fantasy!” until we’re blue in the face, yet people still get upset about age play.

Anyhoo, this brings me to the House of Cards Trilogy, which we’ve been watching recently.  (I’ve seen it many times before, but for Angela, this is a first.)  I couldn’t wait to get to the point where Francis Urquhart (a politician who secretly thirsts to be Brit Prime Minister) makes a pass at Mattie Storin, a passionate young journalist.  In the early scenes below, Mattie has no idea that she is saying the very things Urquhart is already thinking.  In truth, he seduces her when she believes that she is seducing him.

That said, she’s the one that says what she wants to “call” him in the bedroom.  And it’s kinky indeed.  Part of why I find Mattie so attractive is because she owns her sexuality, owns her kink.  In fact, Mattie clearly has a hold over Urquhart, and seeing as nobody else really does, that’s perhaps a mesmeric attraction for him, especially seeing as he’s always wanted to be “a father of daughters.”

Oh Daddy.

WARNING:  If you watch these snippets right to the end, there are a few small spoilers.

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