Sex with a Mermaid

The Mermaid Voyage: A Two-Week Journey of Erotic Self-Discovery.

The Mermaid Voyage: A Two-Week Journey of Erotic Self-Discovery.

So many of us, no matter how sex-positive, still carry burdens of shame when it comes to erotic self-love.  The notion of having “a romance with yourself” is quite widely accepted, but the notion of having an “erotic romance with yourself” — one that focuses on transformative, solo lovemaking along with self-love — is rarely voiced.  Not only do we need healing in this area and a way to shed the shame that others have handed us, but we also need to take care of our sexual selves and acknowledge that, regardless of whether we are in partnered relationships, we are our own deep source of erotic love and imagination — and no matter what comes, we can always have this.

That’s why we’ve created an online course called the Mermaid Voyage: A Two-Week Journey of Erotic Self-Discovery — a fresh offering from Go Deeper Healing.  And because this is the first time we’ve run the course, we’ll be giving it to you, with or without the gift box, at a very special price, in the hope that you will give us your feedback.  To find out more, including how to sign up for Mermaid Voyage updates, take a look here.

Quite apart from that, we’re also keen to share quotes from Lana’s erotic novel from Harper Collins’ Mischief.  Do take a peek below to get a little taster of Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee.  And if you do read it, we’d love to hear what you think.

May your day be a beauty, dear readers!


Thanks so much for supporting sex-positive lit.  To browse our erotic e-books, why not visit our website.  We’re also available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble for NOOK.  And we heart you.

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