Sexual Goddess Energy from Aphrodite, No Less

From the "Oracle of Mermaids" (Blue Angel Publishing)

From the “Oracle of Mermaids” (Blue Angel Publishing)

Yesterday, I did an oracle card reading to help me with the final steps of the Mermaid Voyage.  The Voyage is a new online course that I’ve been designing for Go Deeper Press — a two-week journey of erotic self-discovery for women who want to connect with the depths of their sexual-spiritual selves.

I used a Blue Angel deck called “Oracle of Mermaids” for the reading.  (With a guidebook by Lucy Cavendish and beautiful illustrations by Selina Fenech, it’s utterly spellbinding.)  And what card did I receive?  “The Return of Aphrodite.”  Cavendish’s guidebook tells me that this card relates to our burgeoning sexuality: “…when [Aphrodite] comes to you,” it says, “you are being reminded that it is possible to be sexual without being in partnership or formal marriage.”  Also:  “…she is returning to remind you of the beauty  and grace of laughter, of delight, of seeing all that is before you as wondrous and perfect in its own right, delighting as she did in the variety of beings on the planet, encouraging all to procreate, make love, sing, and revel in life.”  She is also a sign of “love and self-esteem, of a wish to be free for a time from ‘marriage’ or conventional relationships – a time to explore, to delight, to be sensual, and to be free, with no fear of retribution.”

And Aphrodite knew how to share sensuality with other women, the oracle tells us.  She wishes to “experience, to love, to be filled, again and again, with all the beauty this world has to offer.”

How amazingly on-point.  I couldn’t have received a better write-up for the Mermaid Voyage if I’d made it up myself!

Namaste, folks.

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4 thoughts on “Sexual Goddess Energy from Aphrodite, No Less

  1. Gorgeous, Lana! I’m just in love with this reading. And that glorious photo. Nama.

  2. CAWhite says:

    Oh my goodness, how beautiful. I have an inner mermaid and it was meant to be for me to read this tonight. I hope you experience all that you wish to experience.

    • Lana Fox says:

      Hi CA! Thank you for your wonderful comments. They mean a great deal to me. I’m so glad that the post inspired you. Light and love to your inner mermaid.

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