Confessions of Lana Fox, Part 2

Courtesy of Mischief Books

Courtesy of Mischief Books

Here’s the concluding part of Lana’s interview, where she will entertain you, no doubt, with references to girl-on-girl sex and her dissertation on Joss Whedon. And don’t forget! Lana’s first book, Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee, comes out tomorrow on Mischief Books. Get it from Amazon or Google Play!

I was wondering: Is Confessions the first time you wrote girl-girl sex? I know I should know the answer to this.

I’m glad you asked! The first time I published girl-girl sex was in a story entitled “Untouchable Tabby,” which appears in Threesome by Xcite Books. I did write a few gay sex scenes after that, but none of them felt ready to develop into stories. Then along came Confessions—and, around the time I started the book, I was already having a relationship with you, Angela Tavares!—and I found I couldn’t write lesbian sex fast enough. Impassioned sex was flowing out of me!

Okay, now, when you’re not writing or publishing erotica, you’re coaching…all types of coaching. Can you explain the evolution of the Mermaid Voyage? And Whole Arts, too, if you’re not too tired? Man, are your days longer than mine or something?

Hmm, great question! Yes, I do love coaching.

Well, firstly, I’ll explain what the Mermaid Voyage is. It’s is a two-week online course of guided visualizations, meditations, and lovemaking activities, plus a gift pack filled with transcendent sensual goodies. This “Voyage” evolved because of my non-fiction book that is currently represented by the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency. Like the book, the Voyage looks to transform our vision of solo sex and erotic self-love so that we can experience them as pure, loving and empowering. Also, by thinking of ourselves as “mermaid women,” we can recreate folklore and society’s myths to reflect only love, pride, and pure enjoyment.

The Voyage evolved because I have found erotic self-love to be extremely healing in my life. Yet I heard so many women speak of the burdens of sexual shame in my work as a sex columnist and erotic writing instructor. People would leave my erotic writing classes all aglow, saying that they felt changed—they’d received nurture and praise in that classroom, along with permission to express their sexual imaginings. If my erotic writing classes could have that transformative effect, I realized that a course in erotic self-love could do even more.

As for other coaching, yes, I’m an arts, writing, and confidence coach, both long-distance (via phone/Skype) and face to face. I love it! Helping other people to refine and develop their ideas, and change the world through their visions, is extremely satisfying for me! I find that there is so much talent in this world, and all of it so unique. What could be more inspiring?

Lana reads from “Smart Girls Won’t Screw Witless Girls” from Femme Fatale

Anais Nin or Joss Whedon: If you absolutely had to pick just one, which would it be?

Argh, you just made my head explode! You know me so well.

That is a very hard question because, ultimately, these two are my absolute heroes. No one does what Whedon does with such emotional truth. He shows us how we feel—really and powerfully—over and over again, in the most imaginative and transformational of ways. Truly, he has inspired me so much to speak my truth no matter who disapproves or misunderstands. He honored Willow’s gayness, in spite of the audience he lost, and in Dollhouse, he shows sex in all its colors—as empowering, beautiful, terrifying, vital, and a source of incredible love, cruelty, and creativity, depending on who values it or abuses it. What’s more, Inara in Firefly is the most empowered, stunning, emotionally transcendent sex worker I’ve ever seen depicted in story. If only we could all understand sexuality as she does. Beautiful.

Nin, however, wrote sex as a woman during a time when it was virtually impossible to do so. Her diaries are exquisite—so honest and deep. And she expressed sex with such truth, power and feeling. She was also a polyamorous woman when no such thing existed in terms of language. She honored who she was. That’s HUGE.

But ultimately, though it almost explodes my heart, I have to go with Whedon, et al. That’s probably because Whedon is so with us today, now, commenting on our society in ways we so need. He, and his team, saves us person by person, saying, “Everyone has darkness, everyone is sexual, everyone is human, everyone can love.” I have been moved to tears by Whedon’s gang time and time again. What a being of light! What love!

What are you buying me for my birthday?

Nice try, Sherlock.

This is where you get to say something amazing that no one will ever forget.

The chemical that you release during sexual pleasure gives you more energy to be generous to the world. After orgasm, experiments suggest that people give away up to eight times more money. Seriously. Imagine a world that is so at peace with itself that it becomes eight times more generous! So please, never see sexuality and erotic self-love as selfish. They are self-full, and that makes all the difference.


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One thought on “Confessions of Lana Fox, Part 2

  1. Great answers, providing an intimate insight into Lana’s thoughts. I look forward to reading the book!

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