Go Deeper Press’ Links of the Week

Rolf Süssbrich via Wikimedia Commons

Rolf Süssbrich via Wikimedia Commons

The Vatican’s gay bathhouse: When you really, really think about it, it makes total sense.

Guess who’s Sugardaddy to the queers.

Be prepared: Boy Scouts want to know how adult members feel about this whole gay thing.

E.L. James wants to teach you how to write erotica. Or err-otica?

Ready for this one? “Michigan supports natural procreation and recognizes that children benefit from being raised by parents of each sex who can then serve as role models of the sexes both individually and together in matrimony.”

Duh! There are no queers in theater!

They know what we search for: An infographic of Global Internet Porn Habits.

And to follow up on the previous link: A study of 10,000 porn stars and their careers. (Thanks, Stephen!)

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