Orgasm as Prayer

urlAs I continue to add to our Mermaid Voyage course (which will be coming soon!) I am collecting up the quotes I want to use as inspiration.  Well, one of the first books that I ever read about sexuality was Betty Dodson‘s amazing Sex for One, which was first published in the ’70s, and my goodness does Betty have some wonderful ideas and philosophies.  From “Masturbation as Meditation” to Bodysex, I find her writing to be inspirational, transcendent, and filled with the love we all so need.  Here’s an example from the book itself:

“Sexual energy is not only the life force that creates the next generation, but it is also the source of our creativity.  Each orgasm can be a precious moment of joy, a prayer of thanks for being alive.  As we awaken our bodies through the senses, we awaken our minds to the knowledge that we are all related and connected to every living thing on the planet and throughout the vast universe.”  from Sex for One by Betty Dodson, Ph.D.

That’s what we’re all about on the Mermaid Voyage:  Sexual energy as creativity, orgasm, (or other kinds of sexual release,) as prayer and preciousness, and solo sex as a warm awakening.  Thank you, Betty Dodson, for the loving foundations that you set for so many of us.


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