Baffling Things That People Say to a New Erotic E-Book Publisher

2009-08-31-akt-muehla-068Here are ten of the things that people have said to us, at Go Deeper Press, about erotic publishing.  We think they reveal a great deal about our society’s attitudes to sex and sexual identity:

“So, I wrote this manuscript from the point of view of a male dom.  Is that okay?  Editors don’t usually let me do that, seeing as I’m a woman.”

“I’m sorry, we can’t review your collection because only three out of the seven stories are gay.  That still doesn’t count as gay.  We’re a gay review site.”

“Well, the story with the transgender character is from the point of view of a woman who is dating a man, so that doesn’t count as queer erotica because the female character doesn’t know the trans woman isn’t a man until the end.”

“How come your anthology has both queer and straight stories?  Do you not know who your audience is or something?”

“Just because it’s written by a queer author doesn’t make it a queer story, right?”

“So, is erotica different to porn?  Does erotica have more depth or something?”

“But how come heterosexual erotica can turn you on if you’re a gay woman?”

“But people don’t think of Nabakov’s Lolita as being erotica, right?  That’s why he gets away with the taboo thing.  Erotic publishers stay away from taboo.  Except you, I guess.”

“But your female character has a cock!  That’s crazy.”

“Erotica with depth?  Are you kidding?”

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Picture credit: By Ralf Roletschek [GFDL 1.2 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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7 thoughts on “Baffling Things That People Say to a New Erotic E-Book Publisher

  1. Zoe More says:

    Here’s to more female characters with cocks! ❤

  2. Heather says:

    One of the best erotic stories I’ve read involved two women, one of whom a vampire – things that usually make me roll my eyes, because you know: vampires, and those porn actresses who do lesbian stuff because it’s a staple in heterosexual porn but you can tell they’re really not into it. So here’s to defying stereotypes and one more to female characters with cocks 🙂

  3. Lana Fox says:

    Zoe and Heather, you are both so right! Thanks to both of you for commenting. And Heather, so interesting about the vampire story, and I couldn’t agree more. Yes, female characters with cocks! (We’ve already signed one story of a female with a cock for “Dirty Little Numbers” actually!).

  4. Can I “third” for females with cocks?! People need to open up their minds.

  5. Lana Fox says:

    Amen, Maricia! And thank you. You couldn’t be more right. 😉

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