Orgasmic Mermaids, Orgasmic Yoga, and Double-Orgasmic Reviews

Matsya Avatar of Vishnu Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Matsya Avatar of Vishnu Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (via

All across the world, there are people having sex without orgasm.  And many of these people are having truly satisfying sex.  It’s all to do with what an individual wants from their sex life — and of course, climax isn’t the only way to have intimate, powerful sex.   Yes, you can make love to yourself without having an orgasm, and it can be an exciting, beautiful, comforting affair.  However, for others — and indeed, other occasions — a wonderful climax can be a real WOW.

Well, that brings me to this:  I want to share with you a lovely post by Lindsey O’Neill, yoga instructor and professional blogger, and friend of Go Deeper Press, on how Mula Bandha practice (or the “pelvic floor ‘lift’ and ‘lock'” as Lindsey calls it) brought her such unexpected erotic expansion, not to mention other profound benefits.  In the post, Lindsey writes:

I left the first session with my curiosity aroused, and so, naturally, I kept on coming. Back. To the yoga class, that is.

Terrific stuff.  Do have a read.

By the by, if you are a woman who is interested in the richness of erotic self-love, stay tuned for my online course entitled, “The Mermaid Voyage: A Two-Week Journey of Erotic Self-Discovery.”  In addition to your own gift-package containing transformational erotica, aromatherapy products, natural crystals, solo sex accessories and more, this journey pampers the sexual-spiritual you, whilst guiding you to bask in your erotic imagination, free from any shame.  More on this soon!

Now, I also want to thank Observant Reader at A Book Hunter’s Journal for giving such a kind review to my own Go Deeper Short, entitled, “Sol.”  Observant Reader (who is very aptly named) explains how he received this “rather steamy forbidden love affair” by simply signing up for our GDP newsletter.  (And folks, this offer is still a go, so you too can receive Sol for free!  Also, by signing up for the GDP newsletter, you’ll get the latest news on our “Mermaid Voyage” course as well.)

Observant Reader also notes that Sol contains a helluva lot of coffee beans:  “Erotica and coffee. It’s a wonder why I never thought about putting my two favorite subjects together into one idea.”

This post was brought to you from the boudoir of a rather a buzzy coffee-drinker. 😉

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