“I Want to Hand a Copy to the Next Woman Who Thinks She Knows What Erotica is But Hasn’t a Clue…”

Available now from GDP!

Available now from GDP!

We’re always thrilled to receive reader reviews, especially when they’re as intelligent and glowing as Claudia McCoy’s.  (You can find her delightful and insightful Amazon reader review here.  Thank you so much, Claudia!).  And of course, as activists, we’re especially thrilled that Claudia wants to “hand a copy to the next woman who thinks she knows what erotica is but hasn’t a clue.”

Of course, we’re excited to hear what any of you think of the collection — or any of our books, for that matter.  So we’re offering you an incentive!  If you post a review on Amazon before the end of January 2013 (and of course, the review can be good, bad, or in between!) let us know who you are and we will email you a free Go Deeper e-book, with our thanks.  Claudia, of course, we’d like to email you your own free e-book.  So you, and other reviewers, can email us at “editors (at) godeeperpress.com.”

With feedback, we can work out what our readers really want.  And that, for us, is golden.  So thank you, Claudia, and thank you, all.

Buy Femme Fatale on Amazon here.

Buy Femme Fatale from Go Deeper Press here.

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4 thoughts on ““I Want to Hand a Copy to the Next Woman Who Thinks She Knows What Erotica is But Hasn’t a Clue…”

  1. CAWhite says:

    I LOVED “Tipping the Velvet”!! I watched it twice. Beautiful, sensual, emotional story.

    • Lana Fox says:

      Oh, I’m so glad that you loved it too! Have you seen Fingersmith also? I always find it so hard to say which one I prefer…

      • CAWhite says:

        Yes, I’ve seen Fingersmith too! Gosh, that one broke my heart in so many scenes. Ya know, I’ve always identified as bi-sexual. I’ve had the pleasure of making love to well…let’s say…several women. Though I have only deeply been in love with 1 woman. And she crushed me. Our saga lasted for a sum total of 5 years. Our relationship soon became toxic and it ended horribly. We haven’t spoken in years and more than likely we never will again. I fear that perhaps she has ruined me to open my heart up to a woman again. Although, I know that concept is silly….I really do feel that way. Even though man after man has broken my heart…there was something different that happened to me when she broke it.

      • Lana Fox says:

        I’m so sorry to hear about this. It can be very hard to open our hearts again, after deep heartache, can’t it? What impresses me is that you still tune into films like the Sarah Waters adaptations, even though there is quite a bit of pain in those. Fingersmith might be my favorite Sarah Waters novel. [For those who haven’t seen Fingersmith are are reading this comment, there’s a spoiler coming up!] I can’t help thinking that the relationship between the two women, which starts at the end of the film/novel, must have been a hard one to keep going after so many lies. That said, the most important thing of all is that we love ourselves, in any way that we can. I believe that by loving ourselves (emotionally, sexually, and in all sorts of ways) we heal, and that’s what I wish for you. Self-love, in fact, is one of the main reasons why I started writing erotica in the first place!

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