Britain: Land of Sex Scandals

indexYes folks, we’re in London on a Go Deeper vacation.  Of course, I’m a British ex-pat, so coming “home” is always a pretty amazing — and befuddling — experience.  Anyhoo, you might already know that Britain is reputed to be both a place of BDSM and also a country where sex is often “too embarrassing to talk about.”  Both? you cry…  Yes, a paradox in leather and chains.

So!  Here are a few scandals from the past (courtesy of Mental Floss) in which British politicians were discovered in compromising positions.  The funny thing is that many “heterosexual” male politicians have been discovered, over the years, to be secretly having (or seeking) gay sex.  These news stories are called “scandals” by gossips and homophobes (and their newspapers of course) but for many of us, the only “scandal” in several of these cases is the fact that the person concerned appeared to be cheating on their monogamous partner, by having secret sex in clandestine places.  And that, in my opinion, is also the fault of sexual shame.

On a final note, Angela and I wanted to visit Sh! Erotic Emporium yesterday — a London sex store for women — but it was just too far away.  I went to Sh! many years ago and really enjoyed it.  In fact, it’s where I bought one of my first sex toys.  If you’re in London, do take a peek.

Tally-ho for now, folks!

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