Where GDP Flings Off Her Brassiere

Well, with the Go Deeper launch coming tomorrow (along with the delivery of a free erotic e-book to you lovely people), we feel like it’s about time that we flung off our brassiere.  I mean, this whole thing has been rather a striptease.  You know…we flash you a thigh and a smile, toss you a feather boa, and cry, “You’ll see it all on the 20th, hotlips.”  That kind of thing.

Of course, we’re all about the star quality at Go Deeper, so, in celebration of our pre-launch crescendo, here’s a little Blaze Starr striptease to warm your cockles.

And naturally, if we’re talking about sexy women stripping, we have to mention our friends at Rogue Burlesque.  So here’s Dixie Douya from Rogue, with her homage to the most delectable pig in the world.  This is must-watch material, folks!

Rogue, and Dixie, we’re forever yours.

So see you tomorrow, dear sex-positive souls, when we launch our online store, go bananas on our blog, get flirty on Facebook and Twitter, give stuff away, and generally act appallingly.

Until then, godspeed.

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