Apparently, I’m a Sexy Scribe! Kiss Me Quick!

id463196186Well, dear sex-positive reader, it’s Lana Fox here, and as our Thursday launch draws ever closer (including our e-book giveaway deal), we have news aplenty.  Firstly, Rose Caraway’s podcast, the “Kiss Me Quick’s,” features Frosting First, an erotic story that I wrote many years ago and published in Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s Orgasmic. On the podcast, Lucy Malone reads the piece beautifully (it’s Lucy who reads the story on the Orgasmic audio book).  Rose reads from her brand new erotic work, too!  Do have a listen!

Secondly, I will be giving a reading in February at Jeremy Edwards’ event, Sexy Scribes Speaking, which will take place at a yet-to-be-announced venus in Turner Falls, MA, and you can look forward to erotic art from Nina’s Nook art and craft store, too.  The date is Saturday, February 2nd. (They are also looking for erotic art work for the event!) Jeremy Edwards, the talented erotic writer, is organizing the event.  Writers include Teresa Noelle Roberts, Sacchi Green, and Jeremy himself.

Sexy Scribes Speaking

And that’s it from me, folks.  Off I go, back to GDP, to experience the delightful busyness that precedes our launch.  So, until later, have a delicious day.

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2 thoughts on “Apparently, I’m a Sexy Scribe! Kiss Me Quick!

  1. I’m so excited about reading with you in February, Lana!

    One note: the reading will not actually be at Nina’s Nook, but at some other Turners Falls venue (to be announced soon). Art at Nina’s, lit at TBA. The town will be chockfull of erotica! (:v>

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