Launches and Waiting and the Beautiful, Brutal Game

A little secret, just between you and me: It’s hard to sleep because my excitement level is sky high. Well, there’s that, on top of some other things regarding GDP’s launch this week (you know about the free e-book offer, right? Right!), like how we’re temporarily playing this whole waiting game thing. Oh god, do I hate waiting games. I mean, I can play them, but it’s not my favorite. And now, of course you want to know what my favorite game is. Of course you do! Well, waiting this morning, I went way back to one of my favorite brutal sports moments. I have to admit that it’s sort of lost its amazingness, its ability to drop my jaw and make me feel…things…but when you’re waiting to be unleashed once again on a project, a business, that you have endless passion for? Well, sometimes a little rough and tumble never hurts when watching the seconds pass by.

While we’re deciding how to celebrate our launch this Thursday, 20 December–either with cheesecake or whiskey or Nella clips–why don’t you take the time to follow us on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook? We promise to make it worth your while.



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