The Slip Against My Thighs: An Interview With GDP Author Abyssinia Grey

P and ring-1When Abyssinia Grey was a teenager, sex with her high-school boyfriend was less fraught for her than talking about the feeling of her slip against her thighs.  After all, no one was used to that kind of talk!  And so, Abyssinia tells me, “My pleasure in my five senses was also my shame.”  But now that she writes erotica, the more she feels and discovers. As we chatted about her sensual journey towards becoming an erotic author, this is what she said:

Before I wrote erotica, I had a bit of trouble navigating the world — it seemed I had to split off my five senses in order to do most tasks. Typing, for instance, was hopeless, not only because I got the q mixed up with the r, but because I paid too much attention to the pads of my fingers settling in the belly of the keys.  I couldn’t say that to my typing teacher in the ninth grade.  I couldn’t begin to tell anyone that I watched friends of mine move down the hall, some rotating their hips, some swaying, others hardly moving at all.  I lived in the mountains, and got high on the pine trees, not only because they were redolent of resin, but because of the pink, blue, and brown bark with grooves so deep that I wanted to sink my teeth into them.  I couldn’t tell that to my boyfriend or he’d be gone. Nor could I say  that I  loved scraping the white interior pith of orange rinds with my front teeth.  And I couldn’t even mention how drawn I was to the smell of the cat’s fur while he was bathing, pulling his raspy tongue through his black hair.

Abyssinia Grey’s ‘Ash Wednesday’ is about a woman, a priest and an oh-so-erotic ritual.  You can read this sexy piece in Femme Fatale, which is coming soon from Go Deeper Press!  For news about Femme Fatale and Zoe More’s Hunger, either sign up for our newsletter here, check back to this blog, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  We heart you, dear readers.



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