Happy Bloody Halloween From GDP! (Plus, Some Gentle Reminders)

Photo courtesy of horrorbid.com

The idea was to post for all of you some sexy horror pictures to warm you up and get you through the creepy-crawlies of tonight’s festivities. The day has finally arrived! So shake the dust from your old Elvira dress or Riff Raff inspired top hat and enjoy today with all your might. And you know what? There are actually tons of sexy horror pictures available on the Interweb, so this endeavor of mine, I realized early enough, would take…oh…a good part of my day (this one’s a nice, gory place to start, however, courtesy of Cokacola151’s Photobucket page, or , um, “bucket,” maybe). But as minutes passed on to many minutes, and then to pushing an hour, I found this gem from TotallyNerdcore.com. Looks like Nerdcore’s sexy, horror-movie-themed calendars stopped back in 2010 (Why, nerds? Why?), but the good folks at horrorbid.com have forever captured some of the photos for us out of the kindness of their black hearts. Enjoy, won’t you, “Carol Anne” from Poltergeist all grown up, but still striking her famous hands-on-TV pose, albeit in a much more visually enthralling way. Or Psycho’s “Marion” bringing her new, modern-day heat in the shower, but with the same scary knife looming in the shadows.

Lana and I wish you high numbers of tricks and treats tonight. Enjoy the dark side.

Reminders about the Go Deeper Press calls for submission and our contest ending tonight at midnight E.S.T.: Our call for the upcoming Femme Fatale anthology and our Bishop and the Actress Twitter contest are ending tonight. Check out our submissions guidelines, you evil procrastinators, you! Don’t forget to hit “send” to submissions [at] godeeperpress dot com before you turn into a pumpkin.

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