Erotica for Horses

Jilly Cooper’s “Riders” was one of the first sexy novels that Lana ever read.

This morning, Angela and I were laughing at a ridiculous idea: a GDP anthology entitled Erotica for Horses.  Once we thought about this notion, however, it became just slightly less ludicrous.  After all, horses have often crossed paths with the erotic.  The  image of a naked woman riding bareback and feeling aroused by the horse between her legs has become a stock image — then there’s the sexual term “riding bareback,” which finds its roots in this very act.  What’s more, you can ride a lover “cowgirl style” or “whinny” when you’re aroused, or refer to someone being “hung like a horse.”

But why do horses and their riders so often inspire sexual terminology?  I wonder if it’s to do with the sheer power of horses — a power we attempt to tame, rein in, mount, and make our own.  Where there’s sexual fantasy, there’s usually power, and what contains more power play than the horse-human relationship?  In fact, we need only encounter kinky “pony play” to see how erotic this dynamic can be!  (If you’d like to know more about pony play, check out this very approachable post by blogger Lex at On a Magic Carpet Ride).  What’s more, in the day-to-day language of sex, we might “ride” one another, or appreciate the surge of “the inner beast,” or use a riding crop or stirrups during sexual play.  Plus, what looks freer and more empowered than galloping steed?  (As a writer, I did once compare the strength of a climax to the thundering of hooves. Mea culpa!).

But in spite of all this, Erotica for Horses isn’t likely to grace our shelves.  That said, we’re very open to pony play stories between kinky adults (why not?), and we humbly thank all horses for their linguistic contribution to our rich, erotic language.

Ride on.

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