Gay Stars, Femme Fatales, and One Big Hurricane

“Paper Stars” by Kate Ter Haar (Cedarville, MI)

At the Boston Book Festival this weekend, the Drum, a smashing audio magazine, published a string stories from local writers.  Mine, which is about a teenager who is made homeless when he comes out gay, is available in audio here — scroll down until you find “Stars” by Lana Fox.  (These pieces originally formed part of an audio tour at the festival, so it’s actually fun if you listen to them in order — but you don’t have to).

In other news, our Femme Fatale deadline is this Wednesday.  We’ve been hungrily shortlisting stories already and have many diamonds thus far, but there’s room for a few more gems if we find them.  (All we ask is that you remember our press is an erotic press, so we’re only looking for sexy reads).

And if you’re on the East Coast of America, our thoughts are with you as the storm rages.  In fiction, storms can be wonderful — nights in dark houses with only candlelight, and lovers who screw against walls that rattle while trees crash to the ground outside — but fiction and reality don’t always mesh.  In fiction, high stakes are fantastic.  In life, we often wish they were lowered…

Be safe, be sexy, dear readers.

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