Connecting With Your Darkness: A Musical Primer

The time is nearly upon us. It’s the one night, in the U.S., anyway, when most folks show their darker, scarier sides, without any apologies or disclaimers. Halloween, as far as I’m concerned, doesn’t come frequently enough. Why can’t there be four nights for streets to crawl with vampires and witches and Freddy Kruegers. Why can’t there be four nights for little neighborhood bastards to hide behind overgrown bushes in front yards, waiting to make little girls—their one night to be princesses in pink or purple, their one night to wear lipstick and a tiara—run screaming back into the arms of a parent.

Go Deeper Press is a fan of fear and darkness in erotica, in film, in everything. What’s more embracing than tapping in and connecting to what we hold back, what we keep down and hide? In honor of this, and in preparation of the Big Night, we decided to celebrate with a little music video darkness, in all its forms—from flat-out eerie to haunting and terrorized.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Well then, go on and include it in a comment!

Die Antwoord Fok Julle Naaiers

Aphex Twin Come to Daddy

The Knife Silent Shout

Tyler The Creator Yonkers

Fever Ray If I Had a Heart

Chelsea Wolfe Sunstorm

The Cure Lullaby

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One thought on “Connecting With Your Darkness: A Musical Primer

  1. I see you saved the very best for last in order! Good show! Still in love with the Keuer after all these years!

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