Sex with Candy

Halloween is approaching and, as a Brit, I am still getting used to American candy.  Thanks to Angela, I have now sampled an Almond Joy and a U.S. Milky Way (which, it seems, is almost identical to a British Mars Bar.  Who knew?).  So Angela has invested in a huge bag of Halloween candy for the local kids, while I’ve been browsing the internet for sex and candy.  You know.  As one does.  Occasionally.


Here’s what I found:  Cosmopolitan have an online feature suggesting imaginative ways of using candy during sex.  Given their readership, their language is rather heterocentric, but their great tips can easily be adapted no matter who you’re with or how you identify.  (Candy necklaces, yes!).  What’s more, if you’ve never read Steve Almond’s Candyfreak, please go and do so now.  You can find an interview with Steve about the book at 3am Magazine.  Here’s a snippet:

3AM: Your descriptions of eating candy and witnessing it being made border on sexual. Do you see a correlation between candy and sex?

Steve Almond: I certainly try to. After all, both are very primal sensual pleasures. They’re also frequently treated as forbidden pleasures. Part of this is basic: your folks don’t want you getting cavities, or, a little later on, getting pregnant. But a lot of this is really about how frightened we are, as a culture, of pleasure. We always have to make it something dirty and hidden. So one agenda of the book, in that sense, is to allow other freaks out of the closet.

Well said, Steve!

Do any of you have intriguing stories about sex and candy?  Or enticing ways of using candy in the bedroom?  For my part, I’m rather a fan of boxes of chocolates.  Praline kisses and warm, chocolatey fingers?  Dear goddess, please.


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2 thoughts on “Sex with Candy

  1. It’s not candy per se, but I am a big fan of using Nutella (chocolate and hazelnut spread) to fingerprint erotic love maps upon my partner’s skin. Clean up is always delicious!

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