Blood and Sex…Together

Do you remember the Rolling Stone cover to the left, which starred the main players in True Blood?  There was quite a to-do about it.  “Blood and sex together?” people were shouting.  “Argh, make it stop!”  But blood can be sexy.  And for many, it often is.  In fact, you only need look to the vampire myth to see this truth in action.  A trail of blood down a pale neck, the act of biting so hard that we cut a lover’s skin…such stock images from the horror genres hold a great deal of sexy fascination.  In fact, if you want to see vampire fiction at its most sexy, check out Buffy the Vampire Slayer when she lets her boyfriend, Angel, drink her blood, because it is his only cure.  Whedon et. al. are super at protecting their footage from the internet, but here’s a lovely mix that includes moments from the scene:

While we’re at it, I am also amazed at how much shaming there is of menstrual blood in sex scenes, and I wonder if the Rolling Stone cover above reflects this strange phobia.  Personally, as a queer woman, I have zero problems with menstrual blood during sex — in fact, for me, it can bring a whole new depth of intimacy.  This is also a reminder that bloodshed doesn’t have to mean pain or wounds.  That said, there are many who like to be cut or grazed in the bedroom (which of course demands safety, care, trust and consent).  But I’ve no doubt that this can be hot as all heck.  In fact, as someone who likes to switch in BDSM, I’d vamp (or be vamped) any day if only I had the fangs…

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