A Texture Queen Adores Rae Threat

By Rae Threat

I am a texture queen.  No, really.  What’s more sexy than the sensation of long silk gloves, or the bite of lace trimmings, or the tension of satiny rope?  Fortunately, I’m not alone.  Whether wet or dry, clasping or loose, old or shiny new, Rae Threat is making it hot in her photography.  If you’re inspired by the photos we’ve posted here, please take a look at her tumblr and feast your eyes on more artistic gems.

Maybe my love of texture has inspired a love of burlesque.  When I learned the art of burlesque dance with the ladies of Rogue Burlesque, one of the most intriguing things that they taught us was how to communicate texture — or, more specifically, our own textures.  Running your fingers over your skin (or indeed your silky gloves) with relish quietly implies that you’re gorgeous to touch, plus if you hold your audience’s gaze as you do this, you easily suggest that they’d love to touch you.

And of course, when there’s a nipple involved, texture becomes even hotter.  (Check out the images, my friends!).

By Rae Threat

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4 thoughts on “A Texture Queen Adores Rae Threat

  1. rheath40 says:

    Beautiful photography. And I love burlesque. I think what I love about it is the fact is that the women come in all shapes and sizes. They strip but there is something so much more sensual about it. Love it. And have even thought of doing it myself. We’ll see. 🙂

  2. Lana Fox says:

    It is beautiful, isn’t it? I agree with you about burlesque. The different body shapes and sizes of the performers are such an important and pleasurable aspect. Great burlesque does so much for our sense of sexual pride!

    Thanks for the comment! And let us know if you decide to give burlesque a shot yourself! I bet you’d love it.

  3. in case it even matters — should let you know, i’m actually a “she”. female. not a “he” at all, haha

    but yea, thanks so much for the wonderful words! it always amazes me to hear people thinking much about my work at all, so it’s greatly appreciated, thank you! 🙂



    • Hi there! I’m so sorry that I mistook your gender! I will edit the pronouns in the post now. As for our review of your stellar work, it is my pleasure. You’re a fabulous talent and I’m thrilled that you commented here. Love aplenty to you and your wonderful work. -L

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