The Sexy, “Sinful” Art of Aaron Nagel

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I don’t know if you visit Juxtapoz’s Erotica page as frequently as I do. For argument’s sake, let’s assume you don’t. Well, many thanks go out once again to the art magazine for turning me on to Aaron Nagel, a figurative artist from the West coast who does amazing things with oil paint.

I’m a fan of dark art, yes, but, in the case of Nagel, his art is dark only in its tone. I love his play with religion, and all the different things he captures in his models’ eyes: perceived innocence, unquestionable intensity, and heavy sexual desire.

Check out Nagel’s portfolio on his website–it’s astounding in all its beauty. He has some prints for sale, too, and if you’re wondering what Go Deeper Press would like for the holidays, we say anything there, thanks. And for those of you close to New York City, you can check out Nagel’s art in person at the Lyons Wier Gallery on 542 West 24th St., starting next Thursday, 11 October 2012. Be sure to report back and let us know how many Hail Marys you had to say afterward, sinner.

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