Sex on the Mat: Ultimate Surrender Is Ultimately Awesome

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What’s more satisfying than finding pornography that speaks to you in ways you never thought possible, combining two of your favorite things that you never thought could be combined? Let’s say it’s only ever been in your fantasies before this moment, and now you can type an address in the URL box and—voila—there it is for you to watch all night?

My example: sex and sports. My more descriptive example: girl-on-girl sex, with elements of domination and submission, and let’s not forget some pretty impressive wrestling skill.

So, fans of lesbian sex and muscly female athletes, hold on to your hats (or drop your pants, or whatever): Let me introduce you, assuming you need introduction, to’s Ultimate Surrender.

Here’s the gist: In true reality television style, a new season is marked by a new tournament, where women compete one on one, with the winner advancing to the next round, working her way to the final match, where she is then faced with the chance to be crowned champion. The matches are scored appropriately, with a very specific point system. For instance, points are awarded (by a very sexy, although sternly serious, referee) for “pussy rubbing,” “forced kissing,” “fingers in pussy,” and, really, the fun doesn’t end there. Three rounds are fought, with the fourth round reserved for the victor to fuck the loser in any way she deems necessary, in completely and gloriously consensual fashion.

Fascinating, really, and so is the athletic skill of each competitor. The women are beautiful and buff, and not for a second will you think these matches are fixed—they’re fighting to advance in the tournament, for their pride, and for the opportunity to lay the loser down and humiliate her over and over again.

If you’re like me, you’ll like a woman who talks a good game. Sexual wrestling is fun, yes, but sexual wrestling with shit talk combined is the best (“Do you like my tits against your pretty face?” one will say, and another: “You really are a slutty sub, lying there and taking it”).  And when a wrestler just so happens to work as a dominatrix, too, (like new Ultimate Surrender fighter Mistress Kara) believe me when I say there are hot-white sparks all over the mat, all over her opponent, and all over you via your Internet connection.

If I have to pick one thing to criticize, I’ll pick this: The fourth round, so far, has produced little creativity. The scene will open with the winner already wearing her strap on, so we know what’s coming next: cock sucking, pussy fucking, and a whole lot of verbal humiliation. Now, I’m a girl who doesn’t mind watching scenes like this, and I also realized that I’m not part of the site’s key demographic (on, Ultimate Surrender is categorized as “straight,” and thus, I’m guessing, the cock focus), but I’d like to see a little variation. Why not tease the loser a little bit, pinching her nipples to make her squirm while you rub her cunt with your fingers or foot? Slap her tits and ass, pull her hair. Tell her to keep her eyes on yours while you pull your harness over your hips, pressing your cock firmly against your clit. Or tell her what you’re going to do to her while you rock your hips, rubbing your pussy against her nose and mouth.

But, hey, I’m not a professional. But I am a fan—and one that’s hooked.

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