Naughty Bits: The Ladies of Rogue Burlesque Strip Off in Style

Rogue Burlesque

Angela and I went to see Rogue Burlesque on Friday — specifically their new show “Naughty Bits.”  The show was MC’d by Brit, Liz Fang, who verbally abused the audience in delightful ways, whilst bringing to mind a Medieval brothel keeper — the kind who offers you foamy beer while her wenches cavort around persuading you to spend.  The acts themselves ranged from stripping at the police station to a sexy unicorn plucking her furry horn.  A delight from start to finish.  Highly recommended!

I first met the ladies of Rogue — well, two of them, to be precise — at their burlesque class “Sassy, Classy and Brassy” at Boston Center for Adult Ed.  Miss Sassypants and Polly Surely were fantastic teachers, and unlike other burlesque troupes that I could mention, they insisted that the best route to “sexy” is in feeling sexy within yourself, rather than worrying about convention.  Amen, sisters.   That said, they also taught us some classic moves that we could perform or send up — or indeed, fuck up, if we chose.  We loosened silk gloves finger by finger, using our teeth, and learned to twirl boas and tassels.  A fantastic day.

“Burlesque” literally translates as “parody” or “making fun of,” and Rogue royally sent up many a convention in “Naughty Bits.”  From parodying butch male buddies who think they are God’s gift, to giving a 1950’s style cookery scene a cannibalistic edge, fun really was made, and how.

And you know what?  I have been to burlesque performances where the auditorium was awash with men, but at Rogue, women were also strongly present.  In fact, in front of us, when a gutsy lady rose and screamed lovingly at Femme Brûlée, she received a glare from a gent who was sitting in front of her.  Did she care?  No way, baby.

And why should she?  This is burlesque.

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