The Art of Nicholas Noisenest

Art by Nicholas Noisenest from

Lana’s post on the importance of kissing in erotica and porn–and her mention of Zöe More’s soon-to-come short story “Possession,” especially–got me thinking. There was an artist I had come across not too long ago, and I don’t remember how or when. What I do remember is, for the first time in, I think, ever, I found myself scrolling down through a tumblr blog at such an amazingly slow pace just so that I didn’t miss one moment of Nicholas Noisenest’s amazing work. Like Zöe’s short, his art is dark, edgy, and challenging. It’s also sexy beyond compare.

I like art of all types that makes me just a little uncomfortable (that said, I also like art that makes me a whole lot uncomfortable). Whether it’s in the tone or composition, the subject matter, the captured motion or the implication, I like my brain set on high alert. I like an element of danger, a rough seduction. For me, Noisenest’s art captures all of this. For you, More’s short story will likely do the same.

Check out Noisenest’s tumblr blog, We Eat Our Young. You can also check out his Etsy store to bring some of his beauty and darkness right into your living room.

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Nicholas Noisenest

  1. If you like art that provokes, in all senses of the word, check out the Chapman Brothers, too. Their work is disturbing, pushes comfort zones, and is incredibly thought provoking. They had a show in NYC back in 1998 entitled “Six Feet Under”. It’s a must to look up.

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