Sex That Loves the Mouth

I love kissing in erotica and porn, though it has to be said, it can be hard to find, especially in the porn world.  Why, though? Isn’t kissing a great way to turn on a reader or viewer?  Well, at Go Deeper, we’re all about the superhot smooch.  When our characters kiss in an open-mouthed way, they sink together, and the wetness they share is a measure of their desire, not to mention a promise of the sex to come.

In fact, if you want to see a hot, hot kiss, take a look at this famous scene from Cruel Intentions, below.  That single thread of saliva says it all:

Now, erotic author Zoe More, whose hot-as-heck story, Possession, will be published this December by Go Deeper, really appreciates the erotic kiss.  In More’s piece, Sully, the main character is fixated on mouths, and longs to make out with the guy she loves—but in this paranormal story, it’s dangerous for Sully to kiss anyone.  So what do we get?  Beautiful thirst, high stakes, and passion aplenty.  Here is a moment from the beginning of their first kiss—a kiss that will soon bring sex to die for:

It felt strange, this devouring, this need, from the woman who had been careful not to touch him for most of their acquaintance, and now, after a few amazing but befuddling blow jobs on the couch, was kissing him, claiming him, in a way he’d never been claimed before.

That’s our Zoe.  She communicates desire so poetically, through sentencing, cadence and feeling.  What a rush!  You’re going to love this story, folks.

Now, does anyone have Sarah Michelle Gellar’s phone number, please?

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11 thoughts on “Sex That Loves the Mouth

  1. rheath40 says:

    Kissing is my favorite. There is nothing like the intertwining of tongues, wet lips and the sounds of want that come from kissing. The kiss lets you know that there is so much more to come.

  2. There is a scene in a movie, I believe it’s called Mr. Jealousy, in which the main female character talks about how she wants to spend an entire evening just kissing just lingering in the anticipation of sex. That has stuck with me for a long time.

    In other interesting and quirky news, I actually have found I orgasm harder while kissing. Or, if my partner isn’t close enough in the position we’re in to be able to kiss, I trace my lips with my tongue. So bizarrely spectacular how we are wired, isn’t it?

    • lana says:

      Hey there! Thanks for your super comments. So interesting, what you say about finding orgasm harder during kissing – I can imagine that though, because kissing can swallow me up to the point where I think of little else. Fascinating about Mr. Jealousy too – I’ve never seen it, so I must look it up. And yes, we do plan to publish erotic poetry and we’d love to see any submission you might be willing to send along!

      • No, no, not harder as in difficult; harder as in stronger. My orgasms are more intense if they involve some sort of stimulation to my mouth. =)

        I so completely agree about kissing. If someone is a good kisser, I can just got lost in kissing them.

        And yay to publishing poetry! I have some that I would LOVE to send for publication. Should I use the same link that is listed for submissions of novels?

      • Lana Fox says:

        Hey there. Ah, “harder” as in “stronger”! Got it! Thanks for explaining. Kissing has such powerful potential, doesn’t it?

        As for submitting, yes, please do use the sub guidelines listed for novels and stories at But let us know that it’s *you* (erogenoUS) when you sub. Looking forward to reading your poetry!

  3. Zoe More says:

    I could watch that scene over and over. Sighhhh. If I had SMG’s number, dear, I would gladly share it and her kisses with you! Thanks so much for the mention and the beautiful, beautiful post. xxxZ

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