Focus on the Face

From Secretary, the movie

I am often put off when porn films don’t show us faces.  (I’m talking facial expressions rather than cumshots here).  And really, what is sexier, during sex, than the facial proof that a partner is in ecstasy?  Sure, we can measure arousal from bodily fluids or stiffness or wetness, but these are easier to fake than the genuine enjoyment reflected in a face.

In film, I actually recommend the directors who give  their actors time to bond and/or choose their partners, because this tends to inspire genuine pleasure.  These directors are more likely to give us shots of the face as well as the body because there is a higher chance that the facial expressions will be hot.  (Take Jennifer Lyon Bell, for instance, who gets all her staff, performers included, to share pre-production saunas in order to encourage bonding.  Or Tristan Taormino who is all about creating genuine heat and connection — see her approach in the Chemistry movies, for instance).

At Go Deeper, we’re looking for stories that focus on full-body pleasure and I admit to being a fan of writers who focus, even just a little, on facial expression.  I enjoy the human connection that this gives the reader, the sense of intimacy.  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy gesture, rhythm, hardness, wetness and softness.  It’s just that feeling and sensation can be so expertly communicated via the face, especially when a writer is talented and their characters feel real.

Frankly, even just a hint of a face can convey pleasure or eroticism.  Take a look at the beginning of Jeremy Edwards‘ piece “Light Show” published at Featherlit:

“He has never before noticed how the reflected light from the overhead fixture dances in her glasses when she masturbates.

In the past, his eyes have been on her fingers, her mouth, her fingers, her drifting knees. Now the twin reflections claim and keep his gaze…”


And as you can see from the pic above, just one look at Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary (my favorite erotic film) shows just how hot a focus on the face can be.


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2 thoughts on “Focus on the Face

  1. Secretary is one of the hottest films ever made! At the time it came into theaters (pun intended), I was submitting in an intense D/s relationship. Watching that film, I felt like I was in a private world that only a select few could really, truly, begin to understand the depth of, but I digress.

    Facial expression conveys an intimacy, a connection, that allows the viewer to gleam moments of vulnerability that are hard to mask in the height of pleasure. It also is a dead giveaway as to whether the people in the scene are indeed connecting, or going through the motions, no matter what the rest of their bodies may say.

    For your reading pleasure, I share this small piece of my writing. Enjoy!

    • You couldn’t be more spot on! Love your blog post and I hope other GDP readers will look you up. As for Secretary, I’m so glad you’re also a fan. That movie *found* me — I was vanilla until then. And suddenly, BOOM!

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment and lovely writing!

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