Miss Piggy: The Big Sexy

Modern-day Miss Piggy models for In Style Magazine

When I was a kid, I loved the Muppets, especially Miss Piggy.  Firstly, I’d rarely had a glamorous role-model who wasn’t stick-size (though Miss Piggy wasn’t huge by any means, I might add).  What’s more, Miss Piggy owned her size and knew she was hotter for it.  Yet quips about her weight were typical.  Particularly from other Muppets, but sometimes from her own self — for instance, she once said:  “A very common oversight in most weight-limitation programs is to pay excessive attention to the calories you consume rather than to the enormous numbers of calories you routinely avoid.”  Delightful as a quip, but again, it works because of her “girth.”

Well, Miss Piggy seems to have become more empowered about her body in recent years.  In the latest Muppet Movie, The Muppets, she is the Plus-Size Editor for Vogue, and is shown guzzling donuts in her office.  Her elite status makes her less mockable, sure, and yet Piggy seems to have shrunk in size…at least, in the movie itself.  All those lines she once used when talking about diets (such as “The way to a man’s heart is through your stomach…”) seem less funny once you see her on screen looking slimmer.  And though her size seems to fluctuate these days (I bet they use a variety of Miss Piggy puppets) in her recent fashion shoot for In Style, she looks nothing less than slender.

But she could have been every bit as sexy in this shoot if she was large!  More sexy, even!  As many of us know, our myths about “sexy” equalling “skinny” are lies and nothing more.  In fact, whenever I write sex scenes involving larger characters, their powerful, bodily presence can make for voluptuous, gasp-worthy scenes.

It also saddens me that Piggy is also taken more seriously, when she’s in her slimmer form.  In the latest movie, she makes haunting points about intimacy, pushing Kermit, who now seems a little in love with her, to express his need for her — which eventually he does.  A serious, poignant conflict in the film.

But why couldn’t the larger Piggy be taken seriously?

Well, all of that leads me to this:  We are currently reading for our first anthology, Femme Fatale, and, as the editor, I’m especially on the lookout for stories with larger characters.  I’d love a bigger femme fatale — one who is sexy and alluring in her bigness.  Because here at Go Deeper we know that real bodies are sexy.  To quote the wonderful Steve Almond, “Plastic characters with plastic parts” are not what we’re after.  It’s real flesh and real variety, all the way, for us.

Because real sex with authentic character is hot as heck.


-By Lana

From Season 2 of the Muppet Show

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