Fifty Shades of String Arrangements

The marketing push continues, my friends, as Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James releases an album of classical tunes that inspired the writing of her megamonster-hit book series. This comes, mind you, before the release of the first movie, before the release of the first movie’s soundtrack, the collector cups, the lunchboxes, the birthday party paper plates…and I’m sure I can go on and on.

I saw this album in the iTunes store this week and nearly fell off the sofa. And okay, sure, I’ll admit to a touch of jealousy. What writer gets so lucky that he or she gets to hand-pick a series of musical numbers that took them through the sometimes-painstaking process of writing a novel, the tracks that influenced or helped them craft specific and/or pivotal scenes? Call me ignorant, but I don’t think there have been many.

So, this got me thinking. Here at GDP, we’re not only publishers, but we’re also writers. We’re writers that look to music of all types for scene-setting, motivation, mental breaks—you name it. And then I had to ask, so I took this question to GDP’s own Lana Fox and Zöe More. This is what bad girls listen to when writing the hot lit you’ll soon find on your e-reader.



I am always listening to what’s in the background of my mind as I write. Sometimes it’s difficult to actually get to the good stuff, the stuff that simmers below the surface while we go about our polite and banal this and that. When I work on longer pieces (novellas, novels, serials, etc.), I create playlists for characters, but for my everyday writing of hot and dark, I’ve got these babies on repeat:

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