The Sexiest Femme Fatales: Eliza Dushku as Faith and Echo

Some say they’d have sex with Buffy.  I’m not into Buffy.  For me, it’s Faith.

If you’ve never seen Faith, I’m guessing you haven’t seen much of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  In my mind, Faith is the femme fatale from the series — well, one of them, at any rate.  (Vampire Drusilla couldn’t be more fatale if she tried).  But for creator Joss Whedon and team, throwing Faith into the show, with all her sexy don’t-care kink and the tough background that haunts her every move, was surely a stroke of genius.  As with most femme fatales, Faith messes with the status quo, tempting would-be lovers into the dark and tossing them out the other side.  Faith might have problems listening to her soul, but she hears her body loud and clear.  She moves like a cat and, during her youth, gives intimacy the finger.  That said, she’s a wildly talented lover.  Sure, she won’t be next to you when you wake in the morning, but you’ll never forget the night.

Being a Vampire Slayer with superpowers, just like Buffy, Faith raises huge issues about love, class and privilege.  What happens when a Vampire Slayer grew up without the love?  What happens when, in order to get that love, the same Slayer says goodbye to morality, whatever the cost?  And what happens when that Slayer — or anyone with power — realizes that she can escape through sex, but believes that she isn’t worth loving?

One thing’s for sure:  An insecure Vampire Slayer ain’t the way to win a fight.  Well, not in the long run, anyway.

Eliza Dushku, who plays Faith, also plays Echo in Dollhouse (this stellar series is by Whedon et. al. too).  I also see Echo as a femme fatale in her way, although she does play numerous different roles.  In Dollhouse, Echo is a “doll” programmed to take on the personae of people who have died or disappeared or just aren’t around.  Then she’s sent out on missions and works undercover.  Echo is the hero of the piece, for many reasons.  She saves loves, lives and souls…and eventually far more than that.  And all because she’s the femme fatale who’s ready to mess with the status quo.

Below, she’s with her handler, and she’s just getting back from a mission.  We don’t find out what this mission was.  But I have no doubt Echo succeeded with aplomb.

-By Lana

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