The Sexiest Femme Fatales: Sharon Stone as Catherine Trammel

Blonde bombshell wearing a short white dress, her face, her eyes, cold as ice. She lights up a cigarette when she shouldn’t, keeps her posture tight in her chair. Her voice is deep and sultry, the sort you’d use late at night on the phone to a lover. She speaks with honesty, with a certain bluntness, and a room full of detectives finds this both shocking and titillating.

In the scene that everyone thinks about when they think Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell runs it with authority, despite the number of suits surrounding her, despite Michael Douglas’ Nick Curran already being hot on her trail. Be honest: How many police stations do you know have interview rooms that cast sexy shadows on the person of interest?

When I think Femme Fatale, I think legs open and legs closed, with an entire audience left only to gawk or gasp, but kept completely under the firm control of Stone’s Catherine Tramell regardless.

You likely know this already, so consider this a kind reminder: We’re currently reading submissions for our very first anthology, Femme Fatale.  (If you missed our original Femme Fatale post, do take a look here). The deadline is 31 October 2012, so get your guns (or ice picks) out and put them on the page!

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