The Sexiest Femme Fatales: Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace

We’re currently reading submissions for our very first anthology, Femme Fatale.  (If you missed our original Femme Fatale post, do take a look here).  So after a small conversation on Twitter with Go Deeper author and friend Zoe More, we decided to share some of our favorite femme fatales with you.  So here we go…

At the top of my list is Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction.  Here’s a clip.  The film is directed by Quentin Tarantino, by the way:

Mia is hot as heck, perhaps because she’s dangerous in several ways.  For instance, her husband, Marcellus (Ving Rames), who’s the big boss of hit men, is madly possessive of her.  (According to rumor, he once threw a man off a balcony for giving Mia a foot massage).  Also, when Marcellus asks his hit man Vince (John Travolta) to take her out while he’s away, Vince can hardly say no.  And Vince, like me, is mesmerized.

But Mia actually proves dangerous for Vince because of one other detail:  If he lets her die, he’s swimming with the fishes.

In some ways Mia is a classic femme fatale — flirtation teamed with danger; a pout teamed with a cigarette; and a knowledge of her own sexual power.  But she also breaks the stereotype, which is something I enjoy.  She has a geeky side, especially when it comes to jokes, and she’s a fan of directness and outspoken truths.  Mia’s assertive and quick-witted — so much so, in fact, that she looks Vince straight in the eye all the way through the above clip, even though he rarely looks up at her.  Plus her dancing is more zany than seductive!  At dinner, when Vince is paying, she orders the expensive milkshake, and isn’t put off when he complains about the cost.  She also uses a straw with gusto, draining every last bit of the shake.  Mia Wallace can be a brat, but she’s a brat with attitude.  And whenever she’s in scene, she makes the stakes rocket.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, her drug habit almost kills her during her evening with Vince, and once she’s out of danger, she isn’t much to look at for a while.  I love it that Tarantino lets Mia Wallace doll herself up, then pulls away her veneer and lets us see her bloodied and “naked.”

And you know what?  For me, this adds to her sexiness.  Yes, I find Mia Wallace more attractive after she’s recovered from physical hell than she was before she headed into it.

Now that’s what I call hot.


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2 thoughts on “The Sexiest Femme Fatales: Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace

  1. Zoe More says:

    How gorgeous you are! And right, too. God, Mia, Faith…I’m shaking in my vinyl boots.

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