Peeping with Jack Vettriano

About nine or ten years ago, when I was still living in Britain, Jack Vettriano‘s prints were everywhere.  The classic of his is the Singing Butler.  It’s beautiful, but his sexier pieces draw me in more powerfully.  There are few who communicate desire like Vettriano, or reveal such eloquence in terms of a kinky aesthetic.  And with his sexier work, the viewer is usually peeping — a spy in the bedroom.  Pretty kinky in itself.

Do you think he’d give Go Deeper Press some cover art?  Oh come on, there’s no harm in dreaming, right?

A friend once reminded me that Vettriano was considered a “popular” artist.  I asked him why this was important.  “He’s scoffed at by ‘real’ artists,” said my friend, “but he’s laughing all the way to the bank.”  I reminded him that I didn’t care about whether a piece was “popular” or “high art.”  I’m a sex activist who not only loves erotica, but is pro-porn when everyone is consenting.  In other words, I try to give classism the finger, focusing instead on craft and effect.  Some say that erotica is higher class than porn, but of course there is some beautifully shot porn around and some pretty soulless erotica.  Everything varies.  Simple really.

As I said to my erotic writing class the other night, “Sometimes, I feel that ‘erotica’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘I’m a sex artist.'”  But that doesn’t mean that someone who crafts porn isn’t just as committed a creator.  When we hear that someone makes “porn” or “erotica,” we can respond: “The term that you choose doesn’t bother me.  Just let me see your aesthetic.”  Only after we’ve seen the work for ourselves do we have the right to rate it.

For folks who are using the terms “porn” and “erotica” in exciting and original ways, take a look at Blue Artichoke Films (their movie, Headshot, shows a man being given oral sex…yet we only see his body from the waist up).  Also, I’ve recently heard of Natty Soltesz — I’ve yet to read his work, but when I researched him, I heard him refer to his work as porn.  And according to a reader who I trust with my whole being, Soltesz crafts powerfully hot stories with great skill.  I look forward to reading his work.

In the meantime, here’s some more Vettriano.  Enjoy…

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2 thoughts on “Peeping with Jack Vettriano

  1. Alison Tyler says:

    I love this artist! I first discovered his work in 2007 and was instantly mesmerized. My favorite, I think, is Jack Vettriano’s Game On. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I had the cash.

    • Oh wow, I just looked up Game On! It’s a stunner. I’ve definitely seen it before, but I didn’t know it was called Game On – and what better title? Perfect. Thanks for commenting, Alison!


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